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Issue 133 Arg packing for an empty slice actually returns an array
good first issue When packing the args for a `bytes` value that should be converted to a slice, one path actually returns a 0-length array instead of a slice, which results in the error reported for the "data" parameter here: ``` [2021-07-30T17:40:03.403Z] DEBUG Parsing args for function: function foo3(address[] to, bytes data) returns() [2021-07-30T17:40:03.403Z] DEBUG Arg 0 requiredType: address[] [2021-07-30T17:40:03.403Z] DEBUG Arg 0 value: [0xE57D3Fc7774DC54F1C1D618196FB4aFB933CE613] (type=[]common.Address) [2021-07-30T17:40:03.403Z] DEBUG Arg 1 requiredType: bytes [2021-07-30T17:40:03.403Z] DEBUG Arg 1 value: [] (type=[0]uint8) [2021-07-30T17:40:03.403Z] ERROR Attempted to pack args [[0xE57D3Fc7774DC54F1C1D618196FB4aFB933CE613] []]: Packing arguments for method 'foo3': abi: cannot use array as type slice as argument ``` See here:
Created At 2021-07-30 18:31:01 +0000 UTC