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v1.13.1-rc2 [v1.13.1-rc2] ## What's Changed * adds GitHub Actions and build containers by @Toktar in * chore: Add workflow trigger by @ryjones in * UP-34: Add LEDGERS_FREEZE and GET_FROZEN_LEDGERS transactions by @Toktar in * UP-37: Test for checking that removing keys doesn't break auth map mechanism by @Toktar in * Add script for remove ledger by @adenishchenko in * Bump libindy v.1.15.0-1618, bump plenum by @adenishchenko in * Bump libindy version for python wrapper by @adenishchenko in * Pin pip version for CD by @adenishchenko in * Pin pip for cd by @adenishchenko in * Repair CD pipeline by @adenishchenko in * Bump test-automation version 0.8.43 by @adenishchenko in * Add settings file by @ryjones in * Update CODEOWNERS by @askolesov in * Add docs for freeze transactions by @adenishchenko in * Allow test report publishing to fail by @WadeBarnes in * Add support for publishing Debian packages by @WadeBarnes in * Fix issue with nightly build. by @WadeBarnes in * added building and publishing of python artifacts by @udosson in * Ubuntu 20.04. CI/CD Pipeline as GitHub Action by @udosson in * Support publishing off a development branch by @WadeBarnes in * Ubuntu 20.04: bug fix: added missing env of distribution in publish_artifacts by @udosson in * updated version of setup-jfrog-cli to v2 by @udosson in * bump version of indy plenum and added pypi versio to 3rd party artifacts by @udosson in * set dependencies for the Cannocical archive by @udosson in * updated libsodium from v18 to v23 by @udosson in * GHA optimiziation by @pSchlarb in * Remove duplicate Sovrin apt-key call by @WadeBarnes in * Gitpod DevContainer by @pSchlarb in * VSCode Devcontainer by @pSchlarb in * Fix pytest-asyncio deprecation warnings which are causing the tests to fail. by @WadeBarnes in * Fixes the Gitpod Link by @pSchlarb in * DevContainer documentation by @pSchlarb in * Gha Refactoring by @pSchlarb in * Fix crash in `indy-node-control` by @WadeBarnes in * Remove Pip Imports for ubuntu20 by @pSchlarb in * did:indy by @dbluhm in * Unpin pip by @WadeBarnes in * Upgrade zmq by @WadeBarnes in * Add warning filter by @WadeBarnes in * New Release Workflow & Gha refactoring by @pSchlarb in * Pinned indy-shared-gha reference by @pSchlarb in * fix importlib-metadata dependency by @mgmgwi in * Added Status Check for branch protection by @pSchlarb in * Gha release documentation & Removal of Jenkins files by @pSchlarb in * Adjust workflow triggers. by @WadeBarnes in * consistent GHA variable substitution by @pSchlarb in * Fix missing component in publish release workflow. by @WadeBarnes in * Update indy-plenum version. by @WadeBarnes in * Fix incorrect path filter in PR.yaml by @WadeBarnes in * [v1.13.1-rc2] - Update Version Number for Release by @sovbot in ## New Contributors * @dbluhm made their first contribution in * @mgmgwi made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**:
View on GitHub Created At 2022-06-06 17:09:02 +0000 UTC