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1.0.0-rc0 1.0.0 is a breaking update to ACA-Py whose version is intended to indicate the maturity of the implementation. The final 1.0.0 release will be Aries Interop Profile 2.0-complete, and based on Python 3.7 or higher. The initial (rc0) release candidate is for early adopters to provide feedback. See the []( for the highlights in this release and a categorized list of pull requests. ### Breaking Changes As of rc0, there are no breaking updates in the release from the previous v0.7.4. However, we know that there are some pending updates that will be breaking, hence the bumps to the major/minor version elements. ## What's Changed * feat: event and webhook on keylist update stored by @dbluhm in * fix: warnings in tests from IndySdkProfile by @dbluhm in * feat: make base wallet route access configurable by @dbluhm in * Indy ledger fixes and cleanups by @andrewwhitehead in * Enable manually triggering keylist updates during connection by @dbluhm in * Unit test fixes for python 3.9 by @andrewwhitehead in * feat: add universal resolver by @dbluhm in * Allow fully qualified class names for profile managers by @chumbert in * fix: didx request cannot be accepted by @rmnre in * fix: resolve dids following new endpoint rules by @dbluhm in * fix: unable to use askar with in memory db by @dbluhm in * Refactoring of revocation registry creation by @andrewwhitehead in * Fixes a few AATH failures by @ianco in * Refactor ledger correction code and insert into revocation error handling by @ianco in * fix: update RouteManager methods use to pass profile as parameter by @chumbert in * Update for the v1.0.0-rc0 release. Changelog comment added for v0.7.4 by @swcurran in **Full Changelog**:
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