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PR #220 Turned off flakey Offline BCW tests
Temporarily broken Offline wallet handling tests until there is a chance to fix them.
Created At 2023-12-05 16:33:52 +0000 UTC
PR #219 update final verified state check in OOB BCW test
Added handling for the verified check in the OOB case in the BC Wallet tests. This will wait and try again if the proof is not verified in the first check.
Created At 2023-12-04 22:38:32 +0000 UTC
PR #218 BCW added a verified check to the agent after the connectionless proof
Since the OOB with proof attachment is now working, I've added the final check at the end of the proof to make sure the proof was actually verified.
Created At 2023-11-30 23:00:04 +0000 UTC
PR #217 fixes to the connectionless oob tests
This update fixes the BC Wallet tests in the OOB Connectionless proof scenario. Most important thing here is the added step to select the credential on the contact screen which was overlooked when the credential and proof flows were updated.
Created At 2023-11-29 19:20:19 +0000 UTC
PR #216 update path for retrieving screenshots
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Created At 2023-11-28 21:47:45 +0000 UTC
PR #215 updated wallet naming for android
TestiD not working on Android for edit wallet name. Using accessibility id instead.
Created At 2023-11-28 18:29:17 +0000 UTC