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Prepare for the 1.0.0 GA
1.0.0-beta1 ## What's Changed * Remove child dependency from requirements.txt by @zhuyuanmao in * Nominate yuanmao as new maintainer by @yeasy in * Fix (security) : Path Traversal Bug by @bhaskarvilles in * Add inclusive language statement by @yeasy in * Fix security vulnerabilities in package.json file of dashboard module. by @zhuyuanmao in * Fix `dict` object has no attribute `urls` error in the get nodes endpoint by @zhuyuanmao in * [#issue-457]Modify node operation list by @fengyangsy in * Fix chaincode package failure by @zhuyuanmao in * Refine the setup doc by @xichen1 in * Begin transition to GitHub Actions by @ryjones in * Implement notification for login/register error by @ryjones in * Allow users to update their passwords by @zhuyuanmao in * Improve observability on node and network creating process by @zhuyuanmao in * Fix : (Security) Migitate Path Traversal Bug by @bhaskarvilles in * [#issue-460]Switch Docker Compose to v2 by @xichen1 in * Revert "Fix : (Security) Migitate Path Traversal Bug" by @zhuyuanmao in * Revert "Fix (security) : Path Traversal Bug" by @zhuyuanmao in * Fix code format issues by @xichen1 in * Enable Github CI for Code Check by @xichen1 in * Add get channel config endpoint by @zhuyuanmao in * Implement endpoint for node query by @xichen1 in * Implement API to get node config file by @xichen1 in * Implement API to upload node config file by @xichen1 in * Remove RocketChat by @ryjones in * Allow docker-agent to update node config by @xichen1 in * Fix a gh-action issue in #472 by @xichen1 in * [#issue-487]Modify the request to create a node by @fengyangsy in * Enable peer to join channel by @xichen1 in * Remove local block file by @xichen1 in * Add a new org to the channel by @zhuyuanmao in * Implement node config download btn by @xichen1 in * Node config upload btn and Node join channel btn by @xichen1 in * Only allow Application and Orderer types to update Channel Config by @zhuyuanmao in * Deprecate out-maintained auth dependency by @zhuyuanmao in * Update by @ryjones in * [#issue-497]When calling the registration and login interface, the to… by @fengyangsy in ## New Contributors * @bhaskarvilles made their first contribution in * @xichen1 made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**:
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