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PR #1226 Plugin configuration
This PR implements a new argument for specifying a yaml file for loading arbitrary plugin configuration. Closes #1121 Credit to @Luis-GA
Created At 2021-06-06 01:31:59 +0000 UTC
PR #1225 Update to PyDID 0.3.x
This PR updates ACA-Py to use the soon-to-be-released PyDID 0.3.x. These updates aim to address the following issues through the updated PyDID features: - Reliance on unmaintained `voluptuous` library. PyDID now uses `pydantic`. - Ugly validation errors. These errors should now be significantly easier to understand due to being more succinct and descriptive. - Extensibility. Subclassing and extending PyDID objects to tighten or loosen validation on DID Documents is far simpler. In addition to these benefits granted by the updated PyDID version, this PR also slightly modifies the DID Resolver interface to simply return a dictionary on `resolve`. Thanks to the rapid development of the DID spec, there is a wide variety of DID Documents with varying levels of conformance to the DID spec in the wild. By separating the resolution and deserialization steps, we elect to give the caller the responsibility of determining how strict or otherwise the document parsing should be or whether the document is even parsed at all. For `dereference`, a "least common denominator" approach is taken. The document parsing is attempted with strict rules but, if validation fails, it will fall back to a simplified `NonconformantDocument`. By following this approach, we can take advantage of retrieving parsed `VerificationMethod`s or `Service`s when the document is spec-conforming while still being able to retrieve values by ID from non-spec-conforming documents.
Created At 2021-06-05 19:42:44 +0000 UTC
PR #1224 Integration test for endorsement with credential issue and revocation…
… w.i.p. Signed-off-by: Ian Costanzo <>
Created At 2021-06-05 15:55:09 +0000 UTC
PR #1223 run_demo fails if ../logs folder doesn't exist
Steps to reproduce: 1. Clone repo 2. `cd demo` 3. `run_demo faber` Expected: - to start the demo connection flow Actual: - fails with: ``` ./run_demo faber Preparing agent image... sha256:5c8d0c8453ec05bcd7ff2e234267e09e113ac041707cb4f21a22f613f832727c Trying to detect ngrok service endpoint jq not found docker: Error response from daemon: Mounts denied: The path ..../aries-cloudagent-python/demo/../logs is not shared from OS X and is not known to Docker. You can configure shared paths from Docker -> Preferences... -> File Sharing. See for more info. . ERRO[0000] error waiting for container: context canceled ``` The proposed fix assumes that `logs` are only required when `--timing` in enabled.
Created At 2021-06-05 13:05:51 +0000 UTC
PR #1220 Feature/didx request with public did
Introduces an optional flag `use_public_did` in `/didexchange/create-request` Enabling the flag will create a DIDX request with the public DID of the requester. The approach is not ideal since the did doc will still be attached to the request instead of just setting the `did` property as suggested in the [RFC]( (but not required :) ). Setting only the `did` property leads to issues because of inconsistencies in ACA-Py's DID Doc class and the DID Doc class returned by the resolver.
Created At 2021-06-02 13:28:56 +0000 UTC
PR #1218 Feature/native did web resolver
Add native [did:web]( resolver. Carved out and touched up from #1143 - Uses DID and DID Doc validation from pyDID - ~Does not support encoding of ports in DIDs yet (e.g. `did:web:localhost%3A8443 -> https://localhost:443/.well-known/did.json` yet, because pyDID does not allow '%' char in DID (See:
Created At 2021-06-02 09:34:11 +0000 UTC
PR #1216 Add outofband credential-offer
The out of band protocol doesn't support the attachment type credential-offer yet. I added my code in outofband receive_invitation to receive a credential offer and send a credential request. The receive_offer and create_request functions worked perfectly , But I am facing a `connection_record not found error` while the issuer agent executes credential_request_handler script. I am including the logs below. ` > File "/home/indy/aries_cloudagent/core/", line 198, in handle_message > await handler(context, responder) > File "/home/indy/aries_cloudagent/protocols/issue_credential/v1_0/handlers/", line 39, in handle > context.message, context.connection_record.connection_id > File "/home/indy/aries_cloudagent/protocols/issue_credential/v1_0/", line 470, in receive_request > session, connection_id, message._thread_id > File "/home/indy/aries_cloudagent/protocols/issue_credential/v1_0/models/", line 206, in retrieve_by_connection_and_thread > {"connection_id": connection_id} if connection_id else None, > File "/home/indy/aries_cloudagent/messaging/models/", line 250, in retrieve_by_tag_filter > cls.__name__, tag_filter, f", {post_filter}" if post_filter else "" > V10CredentialExchange record not found for {'thread_id': '56ccbd83-3800-41a8-907c-fcbedeebb706'}, {'connection_id': '737ca643-7f05-470a-8b47-89fafb11a83d'} `
Created At 2021-06-01 12:30:09 +0000 UTC