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Bevel Release 0.13.0
v0.13.0.0 ## What's new in Bevel - QBFT consensus option added on HL Besu network deployment ## New Features - HL Fabric - Upgrade running Hyperledger Fabric 1.4.x deployment to Hyperledger Fabric 2.2.x deployment - Added monitoring for fabric peer and orderer ## Deprecation - No active support for older versions of platforms. Check [compatibility matrix]( ## Major Bug Fixes - flux uninstall issue in reset-network.yaml #2077 - duplicate generation of private, public keys even if they are present in vault #2090 - docs vault paths fixed #2140 - fixed incorrect image names in supplychain examples app #2138 - fixed vault auth issue when Kubernetes node restart #2074 - skip ambassador installation when already installed #2128 ## Known issue - Intermittent flux installation/uninstallation issues #2157 - Pods crashes post Kubernetes cluster nodes are restarted #2155 ## Improvements - Besu - Refactor charts to removing dependency on external tools and artifacts - Separate crypto generation and genesis file creation - Added ability to pass chain Id - Separate the process of crypto-generation and joining network when adding a new org/node - Added Kubernetes labels to components - Added Besu supplychain express app build and push workflow - Shared - Upgraded helm chart for HAProxy
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