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Bevel Release 0.11.0
v0.11.0.0 ## What's new in Bevel - Hyperlederlabs Blockchain automation Framework (BAF) is now Hyperledger Bevel - R3 Corda enterprise platform automation now has `cenm-console` integrated with cenm services. - `fabric-operations-console` now can be setup using fabric platform automation - Quorum/Besu Tessera keys storage integrated with HashiCorp Vault - Addition of an org to an existing Indy consortium ## New Features - HL Besu: - Added Express app for supplychain application API endpoints - Tessera and Besu versions upgraded - HL Fabric - Generation of configtx.yaml with custom templates - R3 Corda Enterprise - New cenm services integrated : Auth, Gateway and Zone Service ## Deprecation - No active support for older versions of platforms. Check [compatibility matrix]( ## Major Bug Fixes - Handle chaincode package install retries #1784 - Vault root token is used to create secrets in Helmchart in Fabric #1730 - Remove the use of vault root token in Corda OS containers #1713 - Quorum deployment failing for raft consensus #1721 ## Improvements - All platforms - Added crypto storage checks and retries in helm charts - HL Besu - Ansible decoupling of create/certificates/ambassador and vault_kubernetes role - Quorum - Ansible decoupling of setup/vault_kubernetes role - HL Fabric - Added crypto storage checks and retries in helm charts - Vault-Kubernetes setup check done in helm charts - Orderer/Peer `tls` certificate creation done via helm charts - Handle chaincode package install retries - Documentation - Updated name to Hyperledger Bevel
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