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BAF Release 0.9.0
v0.9.0.0 ## What's new in BAF - BAF R3 Corda Enterprise and Corda OS node version 4.7 deployment support - BAF R3 Corda Enterprise CENM version 1.5 deployment support - Added and updated baf-build image for java 8 and java 14 ## New Features - Shared - Complete support and option to use Flux and Git either over SSH or HTTPs - HL Besu: - Updated HL Besu and Orion version support - Added Tessera support - HL Indy - Version update - HL Fabric: - Expose CA server via HAProxy - Add the anchor peer support for the addition of new peer in fabric - Add new organization to the consortium - Addition of annotations for pods/components supplied via network.yaml ## Deprecation - No active support for older versions of platforms. ## Major Bug Fixes - Join channel and Anchor Peer update tasks resulted in failure for a configuration with multiple channels in HL Fabric network #1392 - Adding new org should add to existing channel and consortium #1297 - Unable to remove an org from the live channel after the org has gone unreachable in HL Fabric Network - DR Scenario #1408 - List of all bug fixes can be found here ## Improvements - Molecule Test - Added more testing scenarios for platforms code - Added platforms molecule tests in Git Actions for PR checks - R3 Corda Enterprise - Improve validation function for vault responses - Shared - Updated Ambassador version to 1.11.0 and platform code to use v2 annotations - Separate namespace for flux (non default) - Create ambassador tls secret in organization namespace
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