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PR #140 Use separate eventstream per namespace
This PR is designed to be compatible with changes in FireFly Core in this PR Overview of changes: - The token connector does not automatically create event streams on startup anymore - When a websocket client connects, it must now send a `start` command for a specific namespace like FireFly Core - When a namespace is started, the connector will create a websocket connection to the blockchain connector and set up or reuse the existing token event stream for that namespace - Multiple clients can listen on the same namespace - Websocket messages will be randomized across all listening clients for a namespace - When one client disconnects from a namespace, all in-flight messages for that namesake will be nack'd back to the blockchain connector - If all clients for a given namespace disconnect, the token connector will disconnect its websocket to the blockchain connector
Created At 2023-11-03 18:19:30 +0000 UTC