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Issue 1554 GitHub Action CI/CD Enhancements
enhancementhelp wantedUbuntu 20.04 The following is a list of what the existing Jenkins Pipelines do that the GitHub Actions Workflows don't (yet). We'll be focusing on the features and functionality of the `` Pipeline, since the GitHub Actions Workflows have incorporated all of the features and functionality of the `` Pipeline. The flow of the pipeline is setup in `` but the execution is controlled by the `testAndPublish` script in the `private`[sovrin-foundation/jenkins-shared]( repository therefore anyone working on these enhancements will need to be granted read-only access to that repository in order to follow the code. The scripts automate the release process described here; [Indy-Node Release Workflow]( The same scripts are used for both `indy-node` and `indy-plenum`. - [ ] Configure auto-merge on PRs containing changes to `` and no other files. - [ ] Update the release version on release candidate (`isRC`) PRs. - [ ] Conditionally build (for release candidates) or repack (for releases) artifacts. - [ ] Promote/copy artifacts (deb packages) to different locations in the repository. - [ ] Optionally run system tests (this feature is used for `indy-node`, but not `indy-plenum`). - [ ] Create a release PR for (off) RC PRs. - [ ] Notify a mailing list that a new RC release is waiting for approval, and then wait for the release to be approved. - [ ] Merge approved release candidate PRs into the release branch. - [ ] Notify a mailing list that a new release is available. - [ ] Rollback release commits on PRs when the release is not approved. When developing the enhancements a separate issue should be created to track the work and be linked back to this issue. Feature enhancements should be limited to the smallest set of related features in order to limit the scope of the work.
Created At 2021-07-27 21:33:07 +0000 UTC
Issue 1552 Upgrade and unpin remaining dependencies
help wantedUbuntu 20.04upgrade An overview of all installed, referenced, and required PyPI packages can be found here: [Hyperledger Indy-Plenum | Dependency management Ubuntu 20]( As discussed here, Issue, there are still several dependencies that need to be upgraded following the initial Ubuntu 20.04 release. Where possible the dependencies should be upgraded individually to reduce the scope of the work, and a separate issue linking back to this one should be created to track the work.
Created At 2021-07-27 15:15:47 +0000 UTC
Issue 1551 Ubuntu 20.04: Upgrade RocksDB
help wantedUbuntu 20.04upgrade For the Ubuntu 20.04 version of Plenum, upgrade to RocksDB 5.17, which is the version supported on Ubuntu 20.04; Background: - Plenum is currently dependent on RocksDB 5.8.8. - When RocksDB 5.17 is used without any code changes several tests hang due to issues encountered by the code under test with the updated version of RocksDB. See for additional details. - Therefore updates to the code are required to support RocksDB 5.17 - As an interim solution the RocksDB 5.8.8 package built by the `Build 3rd Party Dependencies` job (of the GHA Workflow) will be used. Refer to for details.
Created At 2021-07-22 14:39:19 +0000 UTC