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PR #180 Run libursa tests on Ubuntu 20.04
This PR adds `libursa`-specific jobs to GH Actions (namely building `libursa` and running its tests). One thing I'm not sure about is the workaround for getting `libursa` to build on its own -- currently, running `cargo build` in the `libursa` directory on the `main` branch will yield this error: ``` error: current package believes it's in a workspace when it's not: current: ursa/libursa/Cargo.toml workspace: ursa/Cargo.toml this may be fixable by adding `libursa` to the `workspace.members` array of the manifest located at: ursa/Cargo.toml Alternatively, to keep it out of the workspace, add the package to the `workspace.exclude` array, or add an empty `[workspace]` table to the package's manifest. ``` I heeded the second suggestion and excluded `libzmix` and `libursa` from the workspace, but I'm not sure if this is the correct course of action. Feel free to request/make changes! As for the changes to `libursa/src/kex/`, the compatibility test was never updated after `libsecp256k1` was replaced with `k256` in #171, so this PR also fixes that.
Created At 2021-05-14 04:00:58 +0000 UTC