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PR #143 Fix cannot remove mychannel.tx
If you run the following command (forgot to run `` first): ```bash npm init -y npm install --only=prod @hyperledger/caliper-cli@0.4.0 npx caliper bind --caliper-bind-sut fabric:1.4 npx caliper launch manager --caliper-workspace . --caliper-benchconfig benchmarks/scenario/simple/config.yaml --caliper-networkconfig networks/fabric/v1/v1.4.1/2org1peergoleveldb/fabric-go.yaml ``` You will get an **empty folder** `mychannel.tx` in `networks/fabric/config_solo/`. After this happens, run `` and you will get the following error: ```bash rm: cannot remove './mychannel.tx': Is a directory [] main -> FATA 011 Error on outputChannelCreateTx: Error writing channel create tx: open mychannel.tx: is a directory ``` This problem can be fixed by replacing `rm -f` in `` with `rm -rf`.
Created At 2021-04-21 13:37:50 +0000 UTC