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v0.3.0 Compatible with ACA-Py 0.7.4. ## What's Changed * chore: add documents required by repolint by @dbluhm in * Use event bus to send notifications to Admin connections by @dbluhm in * fix: ledger not ready on get taa accept request by @dbluhm in * Fix presentation and issuance errors by @dbluhm in * fix: basic messages not sending to recipients by @dbluhm in * Check in integration test progress by @dbluhm in * refactor: simplify logging by @dbluhm in * fix: add assign_thread_from function to ReceiveInvitationHandler by @cjhowland in * Test/int/connections by @cjhowland in * Test/int/schemas by @cjhowland in * fix: presentation as holder failure on cred retrieval by @dbluhm in * fix: replace ngrok with localtunnel by @dbluhm in * Integration tests part II by @dbluhm in * chore: replaced reference to "master" with "main" by @frostyfrog in * Test/add integration testing for credentials-get-list by @cjhowland in * feat:added_connections_unit_test by @PeterStrob in * Trustping Protocol and Integration Test updates by @dbluhm in * Update by @ryjones in * feat:added_connections_GetListHandler_test by @PeterStrob in * feat: Add revocation support to credentials by @frostyfrog in * Add presentation request to the "get-matching-credentials" call by @frostyfrog in * fix: Switch from Sovrin StagingNet to BuilderNet by @frostyfrog in * feat:added updatehandler test by @PeterStrob in * fix: demo mediator use undelivered queue by @dbluhm in * Support ACA-Py 0.7.1 by @dbluhm in * feat:added_StorageError_check_to_updatehandler_test by @PeterStrob in * feat/added_deletehandler_unit_test by @PeterStrob in * feat:added create invitation handler unit test by @PeterStrob in * chore: Update readme with tip to install the Indy SDK by @frostyfrog in * doc: Add information about starting ACA-Py with config by @frostyfrog in * feat: update tunnels in demo to use simplified service by @dbluhm in * feat:added presentation exchange flow integration test by @PeterStrob in * Feat/added receiveinvitationhandler.test by @PeterStrob in * refactor: simplify docker and demos by @dbluhm in * Fix message delivery to open session by @dbluhm in * fix: to send correct ws endpoint to ACA-Py by @frostyfrog in * feat: add docker-compose for agent local connections by @cjhowland in * Feature/aca py 0.7.3rc0 by @frostyfrog in * Feat/credential-issued and presentation-received notification messages by @cjhowland in * feat: update to 0.7.3 of ACA-Py by @dbluhm in * fix: holder cred-get-list returns only holder creds by @dbluhm in * docs: handling interlaced QR code by @mepeltier in * Feature/oob didex admin by @PeterStrob in * Feat/custom pres req reject by @mepeltier in * feat: update mediator wallet to bypass encoding problems for demo by @mepeltier in * Fix/admin trustping demo by @mepeltier in * feat: replace connections with oob for invites in all demo configs by @mepeltier in * test: update acapy-client in int tests by @dbluhm in * Test/int/connection reuse by @cjhowland in * feat: Upgrade to ACA-Py 0.7.4 by @frostyfrog in ## New Contributors * @frostyfrog made their first contribution in * @PeterStrob made their first contribution in * @mepeltier made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**:
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