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PR #56 feat!: update iOS installation to Hyperledger and installation instructions
This PR expands upon @niallshaw-absa's efforts in #54, and places the IndySDK framework file and podspec within this Hyperledger repo. I've left the podspec author under @niallshaw-absa, as you performed the majority of the work, but I'd be happy to change this if desired. Again, thank you to your efforts @niallshaw-absa! Additionally, this PR updates: * The iOS instructions to include configuring of setting the Bitcode and Build Libraries for Distribution, and notes that Simulators are currently not supported. * The Android instructions to install Hermes and remove an unnecessary Java import. If any testing is desired, an essentially identical setup is available using ``` source '' ``` I've marked this as a breaking change, as noted by @TimoGlastra in
Created At 2022-09-14 19:45:11 +0000 UTC