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Open Enterprise Agent v1.19.1
prism-agent-v1.19.1 ## What's Changed * test: refactor integration tests - assertions, client models by @antonbaliasnikov in * test: add anoncreds issuance happy path bdd scenario by @antonbaliasnikov in * chore: remove unused iris module by @antonbaliasnikov in * chore: update .env file with each release by @antonbaliasnikov in * fix: check for active RLS on db application user by @patlo-iog in * feat: Keycloak container with AdminClient [WIP] by @yshyn-iohk in * feat(docs): ADR for revocation status list expansion strategy by @shotexa in * feat(prism-agent): add multi-tenant wallet self-service capability by @patlo-iog in * fix(prism-agent): perform percent encoding on auth header for token introspection request by @patlo-iog in * feat(pollux): Add migrations needed for JWT revocation by @shotexa in * fix(pollux): V16 migration is failing to add FK constraint because of type mismatch by @shotexa in * fix(prism-agent): more descriptive error response for validateDID in issue flow by @patlo-iog in * chore(castor): clean up sonarcloud issues and unused configurations by @patlo-iog in * feat: Accept goal and goalCode to create connection invitation by @mineme0110 in * test: add wallet uma permission management tests by @patlo-iog in * fix: explicitly define transitive dependencies that were unresolvable by @patlo-iog in * fix: enable keycloak with pre-configured agent in helm chart by @patlo-iog in * test: configurable integration tests support by @antonbaliasnikov in * docs: add multitenancy keycloak integration tutorials by @patlo-iog in * test: improve configuration for integration tests by @antonbaliasnikov in * test: fix multi-agent config support by @antonbaliasnikov in * fix: change admin auth priority and improve auth error message by @patlo-iog in **Full Changelog**:
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