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PR #202 Rename tokens "https" plugin to "fftokens"
The name "https" is too generic - the plugin represents a way to map token operations like pool, mint, and transfer into a specific HTTP+websocket protocol. Therefore a specific, unique name is appropriate. Also changed the config key from "connector" to "plugin" (since its purpose is to affect which plugin FireFly loads from the map). Added migration paths for both changes so that the CLI and any existing stacks can have time to be updated.
Created At 2021-09-22 14:41:42 +0000 UTC
PR #201 Add additional fields to TokenPool
All token pools should record the connector that created them, may optionally include a token symbol, and may (in the near future) be linked to a message.
Created At 2021-09-22 00:50:30 +0000 UTC
PR #200 Swagger bug fix
Created At 2021-09-21 20:43:16 +0000 UTC
PR #197 Replace operation "info" with separate "input" and "output" fields
Existing field has evolved to always contain plugin-specific data generated upon completion of the operation. There is also a (separate) use case for storing input data upon creating the operation, to support e.g. retryability.
Created At 2021-09-21 16:38:09 +0000 UTC
PR #196 Factor out "PersistTransaction" as a common database utility
No idea where would be the appropriate place for this... but this general logic of validating and marking a transaction complete is going to be needed outside of `events` (specifically, tokens look to be introducing a new type of transaction that will be marked complete by a call in `syshandler`). This logic is all transaction- and database-related (not particularly related to events). It's also not particular to a specific database (ie SQL), although some of the checks could be pushed down into the SQLCommon handler. Looking for input on whether a common utility like this is a good idea, or if there's a better way to handle this common logic across packages.
Created At 2021-09-20 16:05:20 +0000 UTC
PR #193 Small fixes to token accounts
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Created At 2021-09-16 20:19:35 +0000 UTC