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PR #201 Add additional fields to TokenPool
All token pools should record the connector that created them, may optionally include a token symbol, and may (in the near future) be linked to a message.
Created At 2021-09-22 00:50:30 +0000 UTC
PR #200 Swagger bug fix
Created At 2021-09-21 20:43:16 +0000 UTC
PR #197 Replace operation "info" with separate "input" and "output" fields
Existing field has evolved to always contain plugin-specific data generated upon completion of the operation. There is also a (separate) use case for storing input data upon creating the operation, to support e.g. retryability.
Created At 2021-09-21 16:38:09 +0000 UTC
PR #196 Factor out "PersistTransaction" as a common database utility
No idea where would be the appropriate place for this... but this general logic of validating and marking a transaction complete is going to be needed outside of `events` (specifically, tokens look to be introducing a new type of transaction that will be marked complete by a call in `syshandler`). This logic is all transaction- and database-related (not particularly related to events). It's also not particular to a specific database (ie SQL), although some of the checks could be pushed down into the SQLCommon handler. Looking for input on whether a common utility like this is a good idea, or if there's a better way to handle this common logic across packages.
Created At 2021-09-20 16:05:20 +0000 UTC
PR #193 Small fixes to token accounts
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Created At 2021-09-16 20:19:35 +0000 UTC
PR #192 Add identity manager and API input matrix logic
Work in progress on Key proposals in this code so far - building with Unit Tests - New `Identity Manager [Im]` component - This is _not_ a plugin, instead a consistent component to do all identity mapping - This would be expected to be where plugins would attach in the future - Implementation includes testing of the various matrix options - Implementation includes wiring this into `Orchestrator` - Implementation includes changing imports on calling packages - TODO (in this PR): Fix all the code that that currently calls `Resolve` on the now defunct Identity Interface - New `fftypes.Identity` sub-object - Intended to replace single `author` field with `author`+`key` fields - Pass pointer to this part of the struct to the new `im.ResolveInputIdentity` function - TODO (in this PR): Embed this into all objects that can contain identity - Stubbing out the `Identity Interface [Ii]` plugin for now - Still retained `onchain` key for config compatibility - Removed all methods from interface - Changed implementation to `TBD` for now in the code - Organizations and Nodes still use the signing identity - For now the intention is that `Node.Owner` and `Organization.Identity` remain the signing addresses - We should move these to be DIDs, but that will mean migration issues - Per we need to consider this before acting The next step here is e2e testing, and working through various scenarios to test. I have only done build+UT so far.
Created At 2021-09-15 05:41:23 +0000 UTC