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PR #347 Fix the interop-test build
Signed-off-by: Josh Kneubuhl <> #### Type of change - Bug fix #### Description In PR #346, the CA base docker image was switched from alpine-golang to ubuntu. In the new image, golang is now installed with curl using the `GO_VER`, `TARGETOS`, AND `TARGETARCH` build args. Depending on the version of Docker installed on the build host, `TARGETOS` and `TARGETARCH` are not always available in the build context. (In recent Docker versions, these args are implicit in the build context.) For instance, the fabric-interop tests at Azure are currently failing when trying to build a CA docker image. This PR passes the target arch/os from the Makefile to docker as build args. #### Related issues - Example [interop test failure]( at azure.
Created At 2023-01-05 13:14:44 +0000 UTC