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PR #182 build(deps): migrate from grpc to @grpc/grpc-js and make it a prod dependency
iroha1 BREAKING CHANGE: When creating a gRPC Iroha service instance such as `CommandService` or `QueryService` you have to make sure to create the credentials object that you will use to construct the service instances from the new gRPC library. Otherwise your code will throw, claiming that you have not passed in a valid credentials object (even though you did, just with the wrong version of the gRPC library) Primary changes: =============== 1. Migrate over from the legacy and unmaintained grpc to @grpc/grpc-js 2. Move from `devDependencies` to `dependencies` so that is a production dependency of the package. Secondary changes: ================== 1. Ignored the .yarn/cache directory in git so that there aren't 400 new files in the git index after a `yarn install` execution on the terminal. Fixes Signed-off-by: Peter Somogyvari <>
Created At 2023-12-02 06:22:29 +0000 UTC