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Release v0.1.9
v0.1.9 ## What's Changed * chore: complete release 0.1.8 and prepare 0.1.9 by @Baha-sk in * chore: updates to standards doc by @sudeshrshetty in * chore: rename operationRequest to operation by @fqutishat in * docs: Storage compatibility matrix by @DRK3 in * docs: Updated storage interface documentation by @DRK3 in * docs: [readme-text] replace digital-hub with encrypted-data-vault by @rolsonquadras in * chore: add revocation list 2021 context by @fqutishat in * fix: vc-revocation-list-2021 context by @fqutishat in * feat: In-memory store "ping" method by @DRK3 in * refactor: endpoint as object, goal-code with underscore by @Baha-sk in * feat: add HealthCheck for remote kms by @fqutishat in * externalize agent parameters + router by @cnuss in * feat: add HealthCheck method to localkms by @fqutishat in * test: Option to skip the "TestProviderOpenStoreSetGetConfig" tests by @DRK3 in * feat: Use new EDV add index endpoint when setting store config by @DRK3 in * refactor: web-redirector with underscore by @Baha-sk in * feat: EDV provider - query for multiple tags using AND operators by @DRK3 in * feat: add an option to disable required properties for CredentialParse. by @vkubiv in * feat: Add multi-tag support to mem DB by @bstasyszyn in * feat: add support of multibase encoding for proofValue. by @vkubiv in * refactor: set DIDcomm V1 VS V2 Endpoint support by @Baha-sk in * chore: create didcomm v1 and v2 keys in mediator service by @fqutishat in * fix: did doc parsing to properly distinguish V1 vs V2 types by @Baha-sk in * chore: add is did comm v2 method to service endpoint by @fqutishat in * feat: Full EDV provider support for AND+OR multiple tag queries by @DRK3 in * chore: add new method to return endpoint type by @fqutishat in * feat: Update EDV provider version for wallet by @DRK3 in * feat: separate cache from token. by @vkubiv in * feat: interop support for did service refactor by @Moopli in * refactor: remote cryptobox URLs renamed to /wrap and /unwrap by @Baha-sk in * refactor: re enable remote kms bdd-tests with unwrapKey by @Baha-sk in * feat: validate data model of objects saved in a wallet. by @vkubiv in * feat: vcwallet support for GNAP authorization by @Moopli in * refactor: separate didcomm from wallet. by @vkubiv in * feat: Legacy Anoncrypt(RFC-0019) DIDComm v1 implementation by @Abdulbois in * feat: CL Anoncreds tink primitives by @ashcherbakov in * feat: add did document support for alsoKnownAs by @brownoxford in * refactor: enable usage of legacy Anoncrypt packer. Make nested forwards while creating forward message. Add legacyForward model by @Abdulbois in * chore(deps): bump actions/setup-node from 2.4.0 to 3.4.1 by @dependabot in * chore(deps): bump actions/checkout from 2 to 3 by @dependabot in * fix: bdd test ci by @fqutishat in * feat: allow custom GNAP header signer in vcwallet command by @Moopli in * test: interop jwt VCs tests by @Baha-sk in * feat: implement did-core JSON-LD `@context` representation by @brownoxford in * feat: mediator supports didcomm v1/v2 per-connection by @Moopli in * feat: add ext db packages to REST Agent (#3269) by @afrancoc2000 in * Feat split wallet command by @vkubiv in * feat: Remove warning from secret lock and update documentation by @DRK3 in * fix: move resolve credential manifest from didcommwallet to vcwallet. by @vkubiv in * refactor: credential manifest enhancements to match wallet-rendering specs by @HeidiHan0000 in * fix: change aries default wallet to didcommwallet. by @vkubiv in * test: interop jwt vc ecdsa by @mishasizov-SK in * feat: Add jwt-vc test suites supporting AFGO by @mishasizov-SK in * feat: support of presentation exchange v2. by @vkubiv in * fix: small change in schema format for clearness by @HeidiHan0000 in * fix: presentation with empty credential fix by @Baha-sk in * feat: Connection protocol (RFC-0160) DIDCommV1 implementation by @Abdulbois in * feat: allow mediator GetConnections APIs to filter by didcomm version. by @Moopli in * fix: JWS algorithm for signature suite by @fqutishat in * fix: vc subject marshal by @fqutishat in * feat: CL Anoncreds Crypto API by @kgoncharov in * fix: change validate->Validate by @HeidiHan0000 in * feat: implement signer.Alg() by @Baha-sk in * test/support ability in AFGO to create and parse vc and vp in JWT format by @mishasizov-SK in * feat: Add client, rest and command handlers for legacy-connection pro… by @Abdulbois in * fix: credential manifest omit optional properties by @HeidiHan0000 in * feat: CL Anoncreds KMS extension by @kgoncharov in * fix: fix afgo interop build by @Moopli in * feat: KMS storage interface redesign by @DRK3 in * feat: CL Anoncreds Crypto services by @kgoncharov in * feat: CL Anoncreds Remote KMS/Crypto by @kgoncharov in * refactor: A few refactoring of legacy-connection package by @Abdulbois in * feat: wallet.Issue supports jwtvc, verifiable.Credential can hold a jwtvc by @Moopli in * test: BDD tests for universal wallet JSON-LD support by @mishasizov-SK in * feat: support multi-format VC in presentation exchange by @Baha-sk in * feat: Add BDD test for legacy-connection protocol by @Abdulbois in * feat: wallet Prove supports creating JWT presentations. by @Moopli in * feat: Change Credential Fulfillment name to Credential Response by @DRK3 in * feat: BDD tests for legacy connection protocol by @Abdulbois in * JSON LD Contexts in JWT VCs by @mishasizov-SK in * test: add JWTVC coverage to wallet VC bdd tests by @Moopli in * test: jwt format tests in presentation exchange by @Baha-sk in * feat: fix format filtering in pEx V2 for JWTVCs, and add bdd tests by @Moopli in * feat: Validate did configuration for did and domain by @sandrask in * feat: parse JWT VCs when resolving credential manifests by @Moopli in * chore: Remove optional "typ" header (JWS) by @sandrask in * chore: Remove adding "iat" when creating JWT Claim by @sandrask in * feat: Add validation for domain linkage credential in JWT format for did configuration by @sandrask in * chore: Add interop did configuration test (MS) by @sandrask in * fix: Service type property MUST be a string or a set of strings. by @sandrask in * chore: upgrade to Go 1.19 by @Abdulbois in * fix: don't panic on malformed proof properties by @brownoxford in * feat: Add did configuration client by @sandrask in * Now JWT cred from the presentation is parsed as JWT cred. Proof not removed. by @vkubiv in * fix: jws header by @fqutishat in * fix: id format in vp by @fqutishat in * fix: get DID uri from kid if exists by @fqutishat in * chore: handle PathNested in presexch by @fqutishat in * fix: parse generic ServicePoint by @aholovko in * chore: add issuedAt claim to jwt by @fqutishat in * feat: support secp256k1 curve in KMS by @Baha-sk in * feat: suppor path_nested in presex. by @vkubiv in * chore: Add auth token provider by @fqutishat in * fix: support of vp referencing in descriptor_map's path. by @vkubiv in * feat: Update Tink version, protobuf type by @DRK3 in * feat: Update EDV provider dependency, update golintci, update go docker by @DRK3 in * chore: Controller should be filled in even with relative URL(@base) by @sandrask in * chore: Service priority should be an interface by @sandrask in * feat: add did core support in resolving service endpoints function by @mishasizov-SK in * feat: sign jwt using a key in an owned DID. by @Moopli in * feat: command controller for wallet.SignJWT by @Moopli in * feat: wallet VerifyJWT API to verify compact jwt using DID. by @Moopli in * refactor: Minimize interfaces required by didsignjwt.SignJWT by @DRK3 in * feat: Add options to VDR Accept by @sandrask in * feat: refactor didsignjwt to allow decoupling from kms/crypto interfaces by @Moopli in * fix: didsignjwt Signer interface not exported by @DRK3 in * docs: update standards for both jwt and json-ld vc by @troyronda in * chore: add ECDSASecp256k1DER by @fqutishat in * chore: DID Config Client is not passing options to DID Config API by @sandrask in * refactor: Minimize VDResolver interface needed for did config validate by @DRK3 in * fix: did service endpoint bug. by @vkubiv in * feat: enable ed25519 in jwkkid.BuildJWK() by @Moopli in * feat: Add SD-JWT Issuer (Flat) by @sandrask in * feat: Add SD-JWT Holder (Flat) by @sandrask in * chore: expose didsignjwt.ResolveSigningVM as a helper API by @Moopli in * feat: Add SD-JWT Verifier (Flat) by @sandrask in * feat: SD-JWT Holder/Verifier - Process Disclosures by @sandrask in * feat: Unit test for SD-JWT Flow (Issuer, Holder, Verifier) by @sandrask in * fix: disable JSON-LD validation on JWT credentials by @Moopli in * feat: Add decoy digests to SD-JWT by @sandrask in * fix: Presentation Without Holder Binding should end with ~ by @sandrask in * feat: SD-JWT Issuer: Add Holder Public Key Claim (JWK) by @sandrask in * feat: SD-JWT Holder: Add Holder Binding by @sandrask in * feat: SD-JWT Verifier: Verify Holder Binding by @sandrask in * chore: Rename DisclosureSeparator to CombinedFormatSeparator by @sandrask in * chore: Create SD-JWT without signature by @sandrask in * feat: Add structured claims option by @sandrask in * chore: SD-JWT: Support claims with 'vc' verification in issuer by @sandrask in * fix: Release claims by claim disclosure not by claim name by @sandrask in * chore: Integration test for structured claim option by @sandrask in * fix: presex desctiptor format. by @vkubiv in * chore: Support verification of 'vc' claims with holder binding by @sandrask in * feat: SD-JWT: Add NewFromVC to Issuer by @sandrask in * fix: Move cnf and _sd_alg to vc level by @sandrask in * feat: verifiable.ParseCredential() supports combined SD-JWT credentials by @Moopli in * feat: method to marshal SD-JWT VC in combined format for presentation by @Moopli in * feat: SD-JWT: Add option for non-selectively disclosable claims (issuer) by @sandrask in * feat: method for SD-JWT VC to create non-SDJWT 'display credential' by @Moopli in * chore: make JWT alg name method exportable by @mishasizov-SK in * fix: allow SD-JWT parsing when sd alg is in cred subject by @Moopli in * add content type to webhook request by @MajdT51 in * Add RemoveCredentialByName to aries js helpers by @borancar in * chore: Additional hash algorithms; check for _sd claim by @sandrask in * feat: Credential.MarshalJSON now marshals all SD-JWT disclosures by @Moopli in * chore: decode presentation credential in SD JWT format by @mishasizov-SK in * feat: ParseCredential recognizes if SD-JWT VC is issuance or presentation by @Moopli in * feat: creating SD-JWT from VC will leave subject ID as regular field by @Moopli in * feat: Add support for SD-JWT in presentation exchange by @sandrask in * chore: Add audience option to issuer by @sandrask in * fix: prexexch - contains check on filter by @sudeshrshetty in * feat: option to pass SD hash alg into Credential.MakeSDJWT() by @Moopli in * chore: Add interop test for verifier by @sandrask in * chore: Additional validation when creating disclosed claims (verifier) by @sandrask in * feat: match submission requirements. by @vkubiv in * feat: embed claim format designations by @skynet2 in ## New Contributors * @cnuss made their first contribution in * @Abdulbois made their first contribution in * @ashcherbakov made their first contribution in * @brownoxford made their first contribution in * @afrancoc2000 made their first contribution in * @HeidiHan0000 made their first contribution in * @mishasizov-SK made their first contribution in * @kgoncharov made their first contribution in * @MajdT51 made their first contribution in * @borancar made their first contribution in * @skynet2 made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**:
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