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v0.4.1 ## What's Changed * fix(js): add missing parameters to rn wrapper by @genaris in * Update to indy-data-types 0.7; remove indy-utils by @andrewwhitehead in * fix a typo in logs by @xiaolou86 in * fix(js): use quotes instead of brackets for local dependencies by @berendsliedrecht in * fix(js): use universal architecture for darwin by @berendsliedrecht in * fix(rn): do not try to deserialize again if it is a stream by @berendsliedrecht in * Faster pool refresh by @andrewwhitehead in * Add genesis transactions caching by @andrewwhitehead in * genesis cache js by @berendsliedrecht in * Update by @tnkhanh in ## New Contributors * @xiaolou86 made their first contribution in * @tnkhanh made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**:
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