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FPC v1.0 RC3
v1.0.0-rc3 This is the third release candidate of Fabric Private Chaincode (FPC) v1.0.0 The release focuses on the integration with [Fabric Smart Client]( Additionally, the release comes with several improvements and bug fixes. More details see ``. ## What's Changed * Fixed the version of fabric-ccenv to 2.3.0 by @ikegawa-koshi in * Updated helloworld readme by @ricc-zappoli in * Upgrade go and fabric by @mbrandenburger in * Demo FSC integration using the IRB demo by @mbrandenburger in * Fix sgx device location for dcap machines by @bvavala in * Extend FPC Shim support by @mbrandenburger in * Upgrade parson by @mbrandenburger in * Add stress test for many invocations and fix memory leak by @mbrandenburger in * Add del_state support by @mbrandenburger in * Link existing FSC examples by @mbrandenburger in * Update IRB readme by @mbrandenburger in ## New Contributors * @ricc-zappoli made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**:
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