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PR #1650 refactor: move message-pickup directory
For some strange reason, the 'i' in `message-pickup` module directory is an special character, which makes it difficult to create patches to properly test updates in that module (like the ones in #1638), so this small PR is just fixing it using a regular 'i'.
Created At 2023-11-27 12:23:20 +0000 UTC
PR #1648 refactor(anoncreds)!: move supportRevocation to options
This moves the `supportRevocation` option in the registerCredentialDefinition method to the `options` object. It feels a bit weird to me that we have an `options` object, but then not place an option like `supportRevocation` in that options object @genaris you ok with this change?
Created At 2023-11-27 03:58:32 +0000 UTC