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PR #65 chore(deps): Bump tj-actions/changed-files from 40 to 41 in /.github/workflows
dependenciesgithub_actions Bumps [tj-actions/changed-files]( from 40 to 41.
Release notes

Sourced from tj-actions/changed-files's releases.


Changes in v41.0.1

What's Changed

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Changes in v41.0.0


A new safe_output input is now available to prevent outputting unsafe filename characters (Enabled by default). This would escape characters in the filename that could be used for command injection.

[!NOTE] This can be disabled by setting the safe_output to false this comes with a recommendation to store all outputs generated in an environment variable first before using them.


lang="yaml">... - name: Get changed files id: changed-files uses: tj-actions/changed-files@v40 with: safe_output: false # set to false because we are using an environment variable to store the output and avoid command injection.
- name: List all added files
  run: |
    for file in "$ADDED_FILES"; do
      echo "$file was added"