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Hyperledger Caliper v0.5.0
v0.5.0 # Hyperledger Caliper v0.5.0 # Notable ## New features ✨ Official support for Node 14 and Node 16 for users and contributors ✨Experimental release for a Declaritive Workload Module ✨Support for the new Peer Gateway API introduced in Hyperledger Fabric 2.4 ## Bug fixes 🐸 Fix Caliper round hang with unfinished transactions never completing 🐸 Corrections and Improvements to the documentation ## Breaking 💥Caliper no longer supports the 1.0 version of the Fabric Network Configuration format 💥Caliper no longer supports creating channels or deploying chaincode to Hyperledger Fabric 💥Caliper no longer supports Hyperledger Fabric 1.3 or older # Complete list ## What's Changed * bump to 0.4.3-unstable by @nklincoln in * Azure pipelines build by @nklincoln in * Enable builds for PRs that target master branch by @nklincoln in * Update contributing guide by @nklincoln in * publish to npm stage by @nklincoln in * update conditionals by @nklincoln in * update pipeline condition by @nklincoln in * Change build reason for publish by @nklincoln in * prevent cascade skip by @nklincoln in * Publish containers by @nklincoln in * use single publish script by @nklincoln in * use 0.21.1 axios by @nklincoln in * Adding changes related to value parameter for payable function in Ethereum. by @nachikettapas in * Make Mosquitto authentication and authorization explicit for v2 by @aklenik in * FIX: caliper bind command now compatible with Windows OS by @fransotodev in * Resolve issue in which only first round would be docker-monitored by @Viserius in * Added basic value providers in workload module by @bistaastha in * Added open in Visual Studio Code badge by @Justinjdaniel in * Update link for security bug handling wiki page by @aklenik in * Update branch name in Azure CI pipeline configuration by @aklenik in * Add factory class, formatted string and list element value providers. by @bistaastha in * Fix Besu integration test by @aklenik in * Fix Ethereum integration test by @aklenik in * Fix generator integration test by @aklenik in * Fix issue where init flow errors when not using mutual TLS by @davidkel in * Fix CompositeRateController class bug (#1181) by @aklenik in * Propose myself as a new caliper Maintainer by @davidkel in * Fix the unit of the interval of default-observer in the log by @justin-themedium in * Update document by @aklenik in * Add GitHub web forms-based issue templates by @aklenik in * Value provider integration by @bistaastha in * address fabric:1.4 sut binding not working in caliper container by @davidkel in * Docker monitor metrics fixes - cpu and memory usage by @fraVlaca in * enable support for node 14 by @fraVlaca in * Node 14 support by @fraVlaca in * Add new connector Wallet facade and Wallet facade Fatory on the peer-gateway folder by @fraVlaca in * Add support for node 16 by @davidkel in * Reference Discord instead of Rocket Chat by @davidkel in * Correct timeout defaults by @davidkel in * Bump version to 0.5.0-unstable by @davidkel in * Remove the legacy fabric connectors by @davidkel in * Update bindings to latest fabric sdks and remove old ones by @davidkel in * ensure endorsetimeout is set on v2 fabric connector by @davidkel in * add txid to proposal when doing a query by @davidkel in * Remove the need for gateway-enabled when binding to a fabric 2.2 SUT by @davidkel in * PeerGateway connector: Added new methods in the ConnectionProfileDefinition by @fraVlaca in * Improve integration tests by @davidkel in * improve message to help when file not found by @davidkel in * rename certain terms in code base by @davidkel in * Remove CountQueryAsLoad Option by @davidkel in * Caliper terminates if prometheus is not available by @davidkel in * Fabric Gateway connector implementation: PeerGateway.js implementation + unit tests by @fraVlaca in * fix RecordRate rate controller by @davidkel in * remove latency values if no successful txns in final report by @davidkel in * Update the usage examples to more appropriate versions by @davidkel in * Peer Gateway: Added Connector Selector implementation modifications to support the new Peer Gateway Connector by @fraVlaca in * Fixes for default.yaml in packages/caliper-core/lib/common/config/ and updates for the fabric Channel operations for the v1 fabric connector by @fraVlaca in * Peer Gateway: Integration tests for the new Peer Gateway connnector ( + update docker compose to use by @fraVlaca in * Fixed colors dependency to 1.4.0 by @fraVlaca in * Change monitor intervals from milliseconds to seconds by @davidkel in * address worker cleanup when an error occurs by @davidkel in * Fixed docker monitor to use Dockerode only by @fraVlaca in * correct interval usage in fabric-tests by @davidkel in * Fix cli and update dependabot security dependencies by @davidkel in * Ensure that connector errors finishes caliper transactions by @davidkel in * disable logging debug to file by @davidkel in * add peers property support to fabric network config by @davidkel in * Upgraded node-sdk binding for fabric-v1-lts from 1.4.19 to 1.4.20 by @fraVlaca in * upgraded node-sdk binding for fabric-v2-lts from 2.2.11 to 2.2.12 by @fraVlaca in * Changed all '' links with a direct link by @fraVlaca in * Explicitly bind grpc-js for fabric 2.4 connector by @fraVlaca in * Peer Gateway Connector Txs Error messsage: added output of err.details array by @fraVlaca in * Fixes caliper hang of unfinished transactions by @davidkel in * [Release 0.5.0] Update Changelog by @davidkel in * [Release 0.5.0] Publish official release by @davidkel in ## New Contributors * @fransotodev made their first contribution in * @Viserius made their first contribution in * @Justinjdaniel made their first contribution in * @justin-themedium made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**:
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