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PR #264 BE-874 Fix script to specify the BC Exprorer process
"" uses "ps" command to identify the process ID of Explorer. > ps aux | grep -v "awk" | awk '/name - hyperledger-explorer/ {print $2}' But Alpine Linux, which is used by Explorer container, returns the following values for "ps" command. > PID USER TIME COMMAND > 45 root 0:12 node app/main.js name - hyperledger-explorer So correct process ID cannot be obtained by the above method. (Misidentify "root" as process ID.) It works correctly by specifying the format of the output of "ps" command like follows. > ps -eo pid,args | grep -v "awk" | awk '/name - hyperledger-explorer/ {print $1}'
Created At 2021-09-14 14:22:49 +0000 UTC