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PR #79 Fix/aries hooks
# Summary of Changes * Fixed a bug throwing `Invalid hook call` related to two copies of `React` running in the app * Fixed default mediator config to work as previous version * Fixed state usage in `aries-hooks` to properly update on events * Brought back `PollingInboundTransporter` to receive messages * Fixed `Intl` error on Contacts screen * Other minor fixes # Pull Request Checklist This is just a reminder about the most common mistakes. Please make sure that you tick all _appropriate_ boxes. But please read our [contribution guide](../ at least once; it will save you a few review cycles! If an item doesn't apply to your pull request, **check it anyway** to make it apparent that there's nothing to do. - [x] All commits contain a DCO `Signed-off-by` line (we use the [DCO GitHub app]( to enforce this). - [x] Updated for any added dependencies or vendored components. - [x] Run prettier: `npm run style-format` - [x] Updated **documentation** for changed code and new or modified features. Tested with .env file containing ``` MEDIATOR_URL= GENESIS_URL= ``` and using Faber demo Agent from the `` repository ran on `` with ``` LEDGER_URL= ./run_demo faber ``` I was able to receive protected text message: ``` DEBUG DEBUG: Agent Aries Bifold received message INFO INFO: Received message with type '' from connection 82a71d4a-f236-4672-80cf-2bbe4e811554 (Animo Mediator) { "@type": "", "@id": "dad39efc-3f06-4904-939a-a144339ab009", "messages~attach": [ { "id": "a36429da-a701-4843-9370-e2a5b4edead4", "message": { "protected": "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", "iv": "JoRQTP8UH7r5n9Ze", "ciphertext": "FzQZYetyXrmxKoc05wtlbenZahB5lNq_txjmt7Gldqcf0FR86v8mmLk1s5XdhTCEnz9ZXeFyA1QxhcZ10CrSG18949DcloUvFGNipt9eVFkdC00doqgrBLjmrpffPLGtnyQ1AKmXsQbU5tZrzsQN1Vt0JLdwLtfMgA12mU--9HR6iCT-A-Chhno2UkTRBiCqRkRdebD6jh5w0VsSUC5cGoKkwxtLJxOzW4Xo6xKo6yJo2TJCiPcffcI=", "tag": "V5IkDz6MUgrSWttXDu_LMA==" } } ] } ``` and credentials offer, although this message type is not yet supported: ``` ERROR AriesFrameworkError: No handler for message type "" found, js engine: hermes ``` Anyway, the connection is working properly.
Created At 2021-09-16 15:34:58 +0000 UTC