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Issue 330 enclave quote status error: CONFIGURATION_NEEDED
enhancementhelp wantedgood first issue Hi,I am an undergraduate student who just started to study blockchain privacy. I learned about your project from my friend some time ago. I'm so grateful for this open source project, a fantastic project. I reinstalled a ubuntu18.04, a clean environment. I builded PDO followed by Everything is ok! And I `make` it after changed the value of SGX_MODE from SIM to HW. It break down at, its output as follow: > registering enclave and IAS public key on the ledger . /root/private-data-objects/bin/activate && /root/private-data-objects/eservice/bin/ Download IAS certificates and Compute the enclave information operation failed: eservice-enclave-info --spid ABAC66755CB4E6424B04F96CC07C21C7 --save /tmp/pdo-test.sPkasxVmc --loglevel warn --identity eservice1 --config eservice1.toml enclave.toml --config-dir /root/private-data-objects/opt/pdo/etc/ Clean up temporary files Makefile:227: recipe for target 'register' failed make: *** [register] Error 111 ` ` I tried the following: When I execute this command alone `eservice-enclave-info --spid ABAC66755CB4E6424B04F96CC07C21C7 ...,` there are no errors. But I execute this shell file alone ``, it fail as above.How can I solve it? I have done as follows: It can be successfully built and tested in Docker. But I need non-docker build. So I followed by now. And I have deployed the sawtooth ledger service on a new ubuntu16.04. The variables are configured correctly,such as PDO_LEDGER_URL. My plan is as follows: If PDO in HW mode can be builded successfully, I'll replace Gipsy with Wawaka.
Created At 2021-08-30 17:13:00 +0000 UTC