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V0.2.1: Rio
v0.2.1 ## Added - The Anchor IDL data structure is now generated for every Solana contract, although the actual IDL json file is not yet saved. [LucasSte]( ## Changed - The Solana target now utilizes eight byte Anchor discriminators for function dispatch instead of the four byte Ethereum selectors. [LucasSte]( - The deployment of contracts on Solana now follows the same scheme as Anchor. [seanyoung]( - Compares between rational literals and integers are not allowed. [seanyoung]( - Overriding the function selector value is now done using the `@selector([1, 2, 3, 4])` syntax, and the old syntax `selector=hex"12345678"` has been removed. - `msg.sender` was not implemented correctly on Solana, and [has now been removed]( [seanyoung]( - Solang now uses LLVM 14. [LucasSte]( ## Fixed - Many bugs have been fixed by [seanyoung](, [LucasSte]( and [xermicus](
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