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Hyperledger Iroha 2.0.0-pre.rc.6-lts
v2.0.0-pre.rc.6 Long term-supported release candidate. We have reached a level of feature completeness, but want to ensure that things are working properly. This is the first major development milestone and we expect a lot of feedback with the option to re-architect some bits later down the line. ## What's Changed * [refactor]: encapsulate access to data model structures by @mversic in * [feature] #2048: Add toolchain file by @Arjentix in * [feature] #1890: Introduce integration tests based on Orillion use-cases by @Arjentix in * [fix] #1917: Added easy_from_str_impl macro for use with AssetValueType by @SamHSmith in * [refactor]: Remove unnecessary `&mut` from the API. by @appetrosyan in * [feature] #2040: Add integration test with transaction execution limit by @Arjentix in * [feature] #1952: Add a TPS benchmark as a standard for optimizations by @s8sato in * [fix] #1623: Create a RawGenesisBlockBuilder by @SamHSmith in * [fix] #2005: Fix `Client::listen_for_events()` not closing WebSocket stream by @Arjentix in * DOPS-1722: CI for iroha2-longevity-load-rs by @BAStos525 in * DOPS-1722: CI for iroha2-longevity-load-rs by @BAStos525 in * [fix] #1845: Non-mintable assets can be minted once only. by @appetrosyan in * [feature] #2003: Introduce Parity Scale Decoder tool (stable implementation) by @Arjentix in * [refactor] #1982: encapsulate access to `iroha_crypto` structures by @mversic in * [refactor] #2109: Make `integration::events::pipeline` test stable by @s8sato in * [schema] #2108: Add pagination by @appetrosyan in * [schema] #2114: Sorted collections support in schemas by @mversic in * [ci]: Bump rust, mold and nightly to 1.60, 1.2.0 and 1.62 respectively. by @appetrosyan in * [documentation] Add samhsmith to codeowners file by @SamHSmith in * [fix] #2111: Remove `roles` feature by @Arjentix in * [fix] #1716: Fix consensus failure with f=0 cases by @s8sato in * [documentation]: Add QuentinI to codeowners file by @QuentinI in * [feature] #2099: Add WASM integration test based on Orillion use-case by @Arjentix in * [feature] #2121: Check keypair is valid when constructed by @mversic in * [fix] #1640: Generate `genesis.json` and consolidate generation into one tool by @appetrosyan in * [refactor] #2144: redesign client's http workflow, expose internal api by @0x009922 in * [documentation] #1991: Add readme to Kura inspector by @outoftardis in * [ci] #2153: Fix coverage by @s8sato in * [ci]: Fix deploy pipeline. by @appetrosyan in * [documentation]: Add Ekaterina to the list of codeowners by @outoftardis in * [feature]: #1572: Specialized permission tokens by @QuentinI in * [ci]: Version bump all of the crates. by @appetrosyan in * [documentation] #2177: Clean up gitchangelog output by @outoftardis in * [ci] #2153: Fix #2154 by @s8sato in * [feature] #2050: Add role-related queries. by @appetrosyan in * [feature] #2105: handle query errors in client by @0x009922 in * [feature] #2004: Forbid `isize` and `usize` from becoming `IntoSchema`. by @appetrosyan in * [documentation] #2113: Document features in Cargo.toml files by @outoftardis in * [feature] #1883: Remove embedded configuration files. by @appetrosyan in * [fix] #2150: Use `rustfmt` instead of `cargo fmt` in `client/` by @Arjentix in * [fix] #2159: Improve `parity_scale_decoder` tests by @Arjentix in * [documentation] #2181: Review README by @outoftardis in * [feature] #2179: Optimise trigger execution by @Arjentix in * [fix] #1990: Enable peer startup via env vars in the absence of `config.json` by @ilchu in * [documentation] #2119: Add guidance on how to hot reload Iroha in a Docker container by @outoftardis in * [feature] #2100: Add query to find all accounts with asset by @Arjentix in * I2 dco by @appetrosyan in * [feature] #2056: Add a derive proc macro crate for AssetValueType enum by @ilchu in * [fix] #2215: Make nightly optional for building Iroha. by @appetrosyan in * [documentation] #1280: Document Iroha metrics by @outoftardis in * [feature] #2186: Add transfer instructions for all asset types by @appetrosyan in * [documentation] #2192: Review contributing guidelines by @outoftardis in * [documentation] #2193: Update benchmarks documentation by @outoftardis in * [refactor] #2145: refactor client's `WebSocket` side, extract pure data logic by @0x009922 in * [documentation] #2193: Update Kagami documentation by @outoftardis in * [fix] #2170: Fixes build in docker container on M1 machines by @pesterev in * [feature] #2103: support querying for blocks and transactions by @QuentinI in * [feature] #1413: Add API version endpoint by @ilchu in * [refactor]: Move `TriggerSet` to `data_model` by @Arjentix in * [ci] #2222: Split tests by whether it involves coverage or not by @s8sato in * [documentation] #2193: Update Parity Scale Decoder Tool documentation by @outoftardis in * [fix] #2232: Make Iroha print meaningful message when genesis has too many isi by @Arjentix in * [feature] #1149: Restrict block number to 1 million per dir by @SamHSmith in * [documentation] #2193: Update README for wasm crate by @outoftardis in * [documentation] #2193: Update README for macro crate by @outoftardis in * [fix] #1149: Remove nocheckin code by @SamHSmith in * [documentation] #2193: Update Iroha CLI documentation by @outoftardis in * [documentation] #2193: Update Iroha Client and Iroha CLI Client documentation by @outoftardis in * [documentation]: Flakyness report by @appetrosyan in * [feature] #2161: generate FFI functions for `data_model` by @mversic in * [documentation]: Update information on git hooks by @outoftardis in * [feature] #1926: Add signal handling and graceful shutdown by @pesterev in * [feature] #2125: Add FindAssetDefinitionById query by @pesterev in * [test] #2272: Add tests for 'FindAssetDefinitionById' query by @pesterev in * [feature] #2257: Revoke emits RoleRevoked event by @omkar-mohanty in * [ci]: Remove unnecessary coverage reporting. by @appetrosyan in * [feature] #2132: Add `endpointN` proc macro by @ilchu in * [fix] #2282: improve FFI derives from getset implementation by @mversic in * [feature] #1638: `configuration` return doc subtree by @ilchu in * [ci]: Add @ilchu to codeowners by @ilchu in * [refactor]: Refactor around `QueryError` by @s8sato in * [fix] #2295: Fix unregister trigger bug by @Arjentix in * [feature] #2161: Handle id and shared FFI fns by @mversic in * [refactor] #1896: Simplify `produce_event` implementation by @Erigara in * [fix] #2303: Fix docker-compose' peers doesn't get gracefully shut down by @pesterev in * [fix] #2017: Fix role unregistration by @Erigara in * [fix] #2081: Fix the test case to grant the role by @s8sato in * [refactor] #2011: More descriptive config params by @ilchu in * [refactor] #2238: Add peer builder for tests by @pesterev in * [feature] #2276: Include current Block hash into BlockHeaderValue by @omkar-mohanty in * [refactor] #2323: Enhance kura init error message by @ilchu in * [ci]: Version bump of crates and remove unused dependencies by @appetrosyan in * [documentation]: Add links to the tutorial by @outoftardis in * [documentation]: Updates codeowners by @pesterev in * [feature] #1998: Add filters to queries by @appetrosyan in * [documentation]: Add @Erigara to CODEOWNERS by @Erigara in * [fix] #2202: Fix total field in query response by @Erigara in * [feature] #2302: Add 'FindTriggersByDomainId' stub-query by @pesterev in * [fix] #2294: Add flamegraph generation to by @SamHSmith in * [documentation] #2344: Generate CHANGELOG for 2.0.0-pre-rc.5-lts by @outoftardis in * [refactor] #2204: Make Asset-related operations generic by @Erigara in * [fix] #2358: Add release with debug profile by @SamHSmith in * [refactor]: Remove generics from `IsAllowedBoxed` by @Arjentix in * [refactor]: add permission token wrappers for private_blockchain by @QuentinI in * [feature] #2053: Add tests to 'private_blockchain' by @pesterev in * [ci] #1658: Add documentation check by @ales-tsurko in * [feature] #2053: Add tests to the asset-related queries in private blockchain by @pesterev in * [fix] #2081: Fix role granting bug by @Arjentix in * [feature] #2053: Add tests to all remaining queries in private blockchain by @pesterev in * [Release]: Pre-rc.5 by @appetrosyan in * [fix] #2227: Implement Register and Unregister for Asset by @QuentinI in * [refactor] #1985: Reduce size of `Name` struct by @Erigara in * [fix] #2137: Prepare tests for multiprocess context by @ales-tsurko in * [feature] #2360: Make `genesis.json` optional again by @ilchu in * [fix] #2128: Fix `MerkleTree` construction and iteration by @s8sato in * [ci] #2393: Bump the version of the Docker base image by @s8sato in * [feature] #2127: Add sanity check to ensure that all data decoded by `parity_scale_codec` is consumed by @Arjentix in * [release]: 2.0.0-pre-rc.6-lts by @appetrosyan in ## New Contributors * @BAStos525 made their first contribution in * @outoftardis made their first contribution in * @pesterev made their first contribution in * @omkar-mohanty made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**: </td> </tr> </table> View on GitHub Created At 2022-07-04 14:31:54 +0000 UTC </div>