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v0.9.0 All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See [Conventional Commits]( for commit guidelines. # [0.9.0]( (2021-08-31) ### Bug Fixes * check for req function onPluginInit in isCactusPlugin ([f5ffb92](, closes [#1277]( * **cmd-api-server:** add missing deps remove unused ones [#1226]( ([b348e42]( * **examples:** front-end packages missing browserify polyfills [#1224]( ([4cc6f2c]( * **indy-validator:** fixing indy validator initialization ([d9f6d5d]( * remove no longer working scripts from package.json ([fcf26ed](, closes [#1271]( ### Features * besu private transaction support ([53b4980]( * **cmd-api-server:** support grpc web services [#1189]( ([4cace1d]( * **connector-fabric:** add support for vault transit secret engine ([2161e0d]( * **connector-iroha:** adds connector plugin ([4745df0]( * **corda:** resolves [#888]( ([d4af647]( * **iroha:** add iroha AIO image and iroha test ledger ([1eb811a](
View on GitHub Created At 2021-09-08 18:58:01 +0000 UTC