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v1.13.1-rc2 [v1.13.1-rc2] ## What's Changed * fix KeyError for "services" when pool ledger contains node update txns by @lovesh in * INDY-1112: change primeries election procedure for backup instances. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1113: Node disconnection, view change tests by @spivachuk in * [INDY-1165] Try to decrease testing time by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1148] It's possible to create several nodes with the same alias by @Toktar in * [INDY-1171] Integrate pool_transactions tests with libindy by @ArtObr in * [INDY-993] Test_batch_rejection integrated with sdk by @ArtObr in * INDY-1148 : change test for validation nodes txns by @Toktar in * [INDY-988] testRequestDynamicValidation sdk integration by @ArtObr in * [INDY-994] Logging tests sdk integration by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1102] Fix Logger setting by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1186] Added prefix REPLICA with name for replica logging by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1185] Fixing build on hyperledger jenkins by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1001] Move plenum/test/instances tests to sdk by @ArtObr in * Context manager for delay rules in stasher by @skhoroshavin in * Send ledger status to new nodes in all cases; test for node restart by @dsurnin in * [INDY-1138] Added ppTime for stateTsDbStorage by @anikitinDSR in * Test restart nides by @dsurnin in * [INDY-1138] Added get_equal_or_prev into parent class by @anikitinDSR in * Fix none finalised reqs in case of not participating by @dsurnin in * [INDY-1137] Making proof possible for given root hash by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-992] Move bls tests to sdk by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1180] Do not raise error if commit for previous view by @dsurnin in * INDY-1205: Use RocksDB as a key-value storage by @sergey-shilov in * [INDY-1058] Get rid of Registry-based pools by @ArtObr in * Indy 1180 fix none finalised by @dsurnin in * INDY-1205: rename get_equal_or_prev test. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1205: fallback to leveldb by default for db hash storage. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1205: add build procedure of rocksdb package to build-3rd-partie… by @sergey-shilov in * Use leveldb for the ledger by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1205: add maintainer to rocksdb deb package. by @sergey-shilov in * Fixed test genesis txns by @Toktar in * Remove test repo from CI docker. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1205: make ledger default storage configurable. by @sergey-shilov in * [INDY-1206] select_primaries now called after poolLedger catchup or if we are ordering node txn by @anikitinDSR in * Tests unusual behaviour fix by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1187] Implement log processor by @skhoroshavin in * Downgraded severity of some messages from debug to trace by @skhoroshavin in * Log processor improvements by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1210] Added resending instance change messages by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1238] Limit zmq queue with 10000 msgs by @dsurnin in * Improve request tracking in log processor by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1209] Raise node_request and pool_transactions fixtures and helper functions by @ArtObr in * refactoring and new tests by @lovesh in * [FIX TESTS] Fix consistency proof query test by @anikitinDSR in * Trying to fix testAddInactiveNodeThenActivate by @skhoroshavin in * add min, max length support to iterables by @lovesh in * Fix for Base58key test by @ArtObr in * Fixed memory leak in monitoring by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1225] Implemented compression, increased log rotation interval by @skhoroshavin in * Log processor: improvements in request tracking and statistics by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1259: fix typo. by @sergey-shilov in * Fixed log rotation config by @skhoroshavin in * [Increment sdk] Increment libindy and python wrappers version by @anikitinDSR in * [pool-refresh-fix] Handle CommonIOError by @anikitinDSR in * Public/indy 1265 by @anikitinDSR in * New libindy 454 by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-465] Warning and callback on unordered requests by @skhoroshavin in * Log processor: improved request tracking by @skhoroshavin in * Add pip version and bump indy-crypto by @sergey-shilov in * Log processor: faster filtering by timestamp by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1237] Get rid of RegistryPoolManager by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1173] add POOL_RESTART handling by @Toktar in * [Fixed failed tests] Decrease reconnect timeout and ensure the same data by @anikitinDSR in * Log processor: minor fixes by @skhoroshavin in * Added Copyright to plenum license by @vimmerru in * INDY-1251: change math of spikes detection. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1287: fix base58 version by @Toktar in * Log processor: track COMMIT messages by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1237: Fix tests that used nodeRegistry. by @ArtObr in * [1209-1] Remove old client's fucntions by @ArtObr in * Indy 1256 propagare primary by @dsurnin in * INDY-1292: fix base58 version in build scripts by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-971: Added state diagrams for catch-up actors by @spivachuk in * [Decrease base58] Decrease base58 to "editable" 0.2.4 by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1291] Freeze deps packages version by @anikitinDSR in * switches pr context to hyperledger by @andkononykhin in * [INDY-1291] Remove dublicate orderedset building by @anikitinDSR in * [FIX 3rd parties] Remove dublicate again by @anikitinDSR in * Jsonpickle version by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1261: add flushing of retry count per remote by @sergey-shilov in * [INDY-1200] Each next 3PC batch have a timestamp not less than the previous one by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1251: fix data in notifier plugin tests and unskip them. by @sergey-shilov in * [Pygment fix] Bump pygment version and remove version for leveldb by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1287: fix base58 version 1.0.0 by @Toktar in * [Pygments] bump pegments into by @anikitinDSR in * [Pygments] Add patch version for pygments by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1289: support read-only mode for rocksdb and leveldb. by @sergey-shilov in * [INDY-1175] Extend validator information by @anikitinDSR in * Fixed flakiness in test_request_time_tracker by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1244: set RocksDB as a key-value storage for all. by @sergey-shilov in * [INDY-1274] Add log information for unordered txn by @ArtObr in * INDY-1273/1275: Log rotation improvements by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1274: log level fix by @ArtObr in * [RUN_CMD] Catch stderr if external cmd flush error into stderr (jouralctl inside docker containers for example) by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1289] Added read_only for ledger by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1173: add DatetimeStringField by @Toktar in * [Bump indy-crypto] Bump indy-crypto and python3-indy by @anikitinDSR in * Log processor: fixed edge case by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1175] Stay "Metrics" as a dict by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1297 / INDY-1298: Corrected catch-up logic by @spivachuk in * Indy 1175 by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1251: improve logging of spike detection. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1274: Fix for logging by @ArtObr in * INDY-1290: Design for implementing PBFT view change in indy plenum by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1316: bug with end greater then catchupTill in processCatchupReq by @Toktar in * INDY-1236: solve problem with excess message requests with prepare and preprepare by @Toktar in * INDY-1349: Implement configurable periodic view change by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1316: added check to discard in test_incorrect_catchup_request by @Toktar in * [INDY-1175] Fixes for vaildator-info by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1319: fix test_request_executed_once_and_without_failing_behind. by @sergey-shilov in * [INDY-1175] fix upgrade_log reading by @anikitinDSR in * Fix tests. by @sergey-shilov in * Remove strange test and incorrect helper. by @sergey-shilov in * Txn refactoring by @dsurnin in * INDY-1319: return get() method back to the ledger implementation. by @sergey-shilov in * Fix flake errors by @dsurnin in * INDY-1329: Short checkpoint and lag for catch-up by @spivachuk in * INDY-1304: Implement tests that show problems with current view change by @skhoroshavin in * [WiP] INDY-1304: Added view change tests for Case 4 by @spivachuk in * Patricia trie prefix proof support by @lovesh in * INDY-1319: move calculation of seqNo's from ledger's appendTxns(). by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1304: Added tests that show problems with current view change [test #3] by @Toktar in * INDY-1319: remove apply() method from ConfigReqHandler class. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1304: Tests refactoring by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1329: Removal of previous stashed checkpoints by @spivachuk in * INDY-1332: support binding of client and node listeners on different … by @sergey-shilov in * [INDY-1319] txn-refactoring for update node txn through old cli by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1319] Replace txn with txn_data by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1319] fix flake8 by @anikitinDSR in * Txn format refactoring by @ashcherbakov in * [WiP] INDY-1304: Added view change tests for Case 5 by @spivachuk in * INDY-1332: support different queue sizes for nstack and cstack. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1332: support node/client IPs in test network setup. by @sergey-shilov in * State proof optimisation by @lovesh in * fix missing seq_no in test genesis txns by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1332: set for node and client IPs for test network setup. by @sergey-shilov in * [INDY-1327] change key-value in ReqIdrToTxn by @Toktar in * INDY-1341: Increase viewchange/catchup timeout to 5 minutes by @skhoroshavin in * [txnId_Fix] Add txn_id while metadata appending (if exist) by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1327: add method get_protocol_version() for seqNoDB migration by @Toktar in * [Remove alias] Remove alias from genesis transactions generating by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1393: Add optional field PROTOCOL_VERSION to LEDGER_STATUS by @ArtObr in * [WIP][INDY-1370] Сhange key in requests map by @Toktar in * Recorder by @lovesh in * [INDY-1370]: fix expectingAcksFor and expectingRepliesFor maps key by @Toktar in * Bump protocol_version by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1369] Bump minor version for indy-plenum by @anikitinDSR in * Intermittent test by @anikitinDSR in * change reqId in replayer by @lovesh in * abstract comparison logic to a method and return small values as comp… by @lovesh in * [INDY-810] Review and replace assert where needed [common, crypto, ledger, plenum/plenum] by @andkononykhin in * INDY-1245: support RocksDB storage configuration. by @sergey-shilov in * Patch 102 by @lovesh in * Reduce log rotation backup count by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1410: Fixed bug with KeyError by @spivachuk in * INDY-1373: Support running log processor on headless systems by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-810] Review and replace assert in state, storage, stp_core and stp_zmq by @andkononykhin in * INDY-1390: reduce MAX_RECONNECT_RETRY_ON_SAME_SOCKET from 5 to 1. by @sergey-shilov in * New sdk by @anikitinDSR in * Add progress info to output of replay by @devin-fisher in * Add missed txnId to txn in ledger by @dsurnin in * Adds exception handling for 3pc msgs processing by @andkononykhin in * fix signature scheme name by @lovesh in * INDY-1393: Add PROTOCOL_VERSION validation by @ArtObr in * Fix nym path to make it str by @dsurnin in * INDY-1405: Apply stashed batches taking into account that they can be already partially commited by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1387] Change config's params for stability by @anikitinDSR in * fix for failing test by @ArtObr in * [log exception] log if unhandled exception was raised by @anikitinDSR in * Hotfix for node crash by @skhoroshavin in * [Remove tb] remove tb printing in wrap method by @anikitinDSR in * use protocolVersion=1 in test genesis files by @ashcherbakov in * use protocolVersion=None in test genesis files by @ashcherbakov in * payment plugin changes by @lovesh in * fix get value from state if there is no BLS multi-sig by @ashcherbakov in * Fixes and improves metadata routine by @andkononykhin in * minor refactor by @jerrysen in * rename to by @lovesh in * fix stasher by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1404: Do not do view change until catchup is finished by @ashcherbakov in * Public/indy 1417 by @anikitinDSR in * Correct spelling of checkpoints in validator-info output by @ckochenower in * INDY-1422,1429: Hot fixes by @skhoroshavin in * [ci skip] Adds ability to set pr context for cd pipeline from environment variable by @andkononykhin in * [INDY-1385] Fix last_prepared_sertificate computing by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1427: Fix bug in stashed checkpoints removal by @spivachuk in * fix restart tests to use a correct timeout for check connections by @ashcherbakov in * Fixes in tests and monitor by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1386: clear requests list after view change for ordered txns by @Toktar in * INDY-1453: do not process client reqs during View Change by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1452: store seqNo-3PCKey map for ledgers after catchup by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1458: do not start propagate primary if view change is in progress by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-1435] Throughput calculating fixes by @anikitinDSR in * Log messages modification to reduce total size by @dsurnin in * add test for delayed IC and VCD during view change by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1454: Fix perpetual catchup during view change by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1431: implement client stack restart on reached connections limit. by @sergey-shilov in * Log processor: add support for new log format by @skhoroshavin in * Extend logging with checkpoint send by @dsurnin in * INDY-1450: Request ledger statuses and consistency proofs in catchup by @Toktar in * INDY-1464: fix Propagate request for ATTRIB txn by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1467: get rid of peersWithoutRemotes. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1454: Reset timeout when starting consecutive view change by @skhoroshavin in * Trying to fix some flaky tests by @skhoroshavin in * New stack sizes: clien 3k, node 20k by @dsurnin in * [INDY-1462] Set H as maxsize for backup replicas if propagating primary (for new joined node) by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1461: add the test for different prepare certificates in view change by @Toktar in * INDY-1484: Fix flaky test by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1487: Fix flaky tests by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1447: Fixed handling of forced requests by @spivachuk in * INDY-1199: Implement inconsistent 3PC state detection by @skhoroshavin in * make schema non-strict by default by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-1471] Fixes logger initialization inside Cli constructor by @andkononykhin in * INDY-1447: Made minor corrections by @spivachuk in * [Bump version] bump version to 1.5 by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1470] Add fix for received instance_change from unknown node by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1468] move avgLatency computing to EMA algorithm by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1486: Attempt to fix intermittent test by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1199: Improve integration tests by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1496: enable client stack restart by default. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1502: Improve log rotation logic by @skhoroshavin in * Add get_utc_datetime utility by @skhoroshavin in * Must return a 4-tuple from consume_req_queue_for_pre_prepare by @ckochenower in * Add config for initial propose viewchange timeout by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1507: Fix rare failure case by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1477: fix discard calling if node is blacklisted. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1431: add listener bind retries. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1475: Implement metrics gathering by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1519: Fixed handling of message replies by @spivachuk in * [INDY-1468] Fix metrics displaying by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1478] Fix CurrentState building and FutureViewChangeDone logic by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1475: Preparation for statistics processing script by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1531: add bind-before-connect to control outgoing routing. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1475: Implement calculating metrics dynamics by @skhoroshavin in * New sdk version by @dsurnin in * INDY-1475: Fix losing events with same timestamps by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1497: Fix sending to not connected remotes by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1497: Fix sending to not connected remotes by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-1542] Validator additionals by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1475: Metrics improvements by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1544: Fix for INSTANCE_CHANGE sending by @ArtObr in * INDY-1549: Change default settings for better performance and stability by @skhoroshavin in * Adjust node parameters by @skhoroshavin in * Plenum 683 by @dsurnin in * INDY-1543: Add more metrics by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1545: stop processing checkpoints in view change by @Toktar in * INDY-1545: fix condition of discard checkpoints in processing by @Toktar in * [INDY-1555] Add monitor reseting after view_change complete and disab… by @anikitinDSR in * upgrade plenum version to 1.6 by @Toktar in * INDY-1543: Fix crash in get_metrics by @skhoroshavin in * Log processor improvements by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1564: Discard any client requests during view change by @Toktar in * get request handler by txn type by @lovesh in * Public/indy 1562 by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1199: Enable inconsistency watchdog based on network events by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1587] Add size limitation for listener reading and set quotas for node and client stacks separately by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1543: Metrics improvements by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1582] add median for calculating average throughput and latency for backups by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1543: Make metrics flush interval configurable by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1543: Fix crash in stddev, add average bounds by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1389] Support Proof of Possession for BLS keys by @Toktar in * INDY-1583: Removal of check for pre-prepare by @ArtObr in * INDY-1564: Fix problem with incorrect Nack response message. by @Toktar in * INDY-1389: added check to case with bls key proof without key by @Toktar in * [INDY-1595] change batch building by @anikitinDSR in * Remove memory profiler from default validator info params by @dsurnin in * Validator info changes by @dsurnin in * [Size experiments] increase size for client and node stacks by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1602: Add more metrics by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1588: Add method for generating key proof by @Toktar in * Rename properties to make them public by @dsurnin in * INDY-1602: Add more metrics, remove some by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1602: Metrics improvements by @skhoroshavin in * Update Jenkins CI config by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1583: Fix bls signature checking by @ArtObr in * INDY-1565: Throughput measurement strategies by @spivachuk in * INDY-1639: First implementation of accumulating strategy by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1602: Quotas, metrics by @skhoroshavin in * Minor fix in monitor by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1645: Fix for config dependencies bug by @ArtObr in * INDY-1659: Improve performance of monitor by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1642] Discarded field to bitmask by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1642] Move discarded to list of invalid indices by @anikitinDSR in * Public/indy 1642 by @anikitinDSR in * Public/indy 1642 by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1602: Dynamic quota control by @skhoroshavin in * accept threshold param in authenticate by @lovesh in * INDY-1589: A node be able to participate in BLS multi-signature only if it has a valid proof of possession by @Toktar in * INDY-1621: Fix for adding node with existing HAs by @ArtObr in * INDY-1637: add optional RocksDB usage for ValidatorInfo class. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1580: Resolve prepare and commits missing problem by @ArtObr in * Indy 1599 from aw by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-1599] Add strategies for latency measurement by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1673: Changes to reply pre_send hook. by @ArtObr in * INDY-1680: add function for removing replica by @Toktar in * INDY-1657: Enhanced logging of state changes by @spivachuk in * INDY-1700: Removing rejected reqs from Propagator by @spivachuk in * INDY-1602: Add more metrics by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1649] Do not re-authenticate Propagate messages by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1649: do not re-verify signature for Propagates. by @sergey-shilov in * [INDY-1649] fix verified_reqs cleaning by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1688: Fix requests tracking in monitor by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1649] clean verified reqs only for instance of ReqAuthenticator by @anikitinDSR in * Additional collections metrics by @ArtObr in * INDY-1681: Backup replica removal on primary loss by @spivachuk in * INDY-1681: Fixed bug with missed super() reference by @spivachuk in * INDY-1740: Fixed a bug in re-asking cancellation by @spivachuk in * INDY-1719: Fixes for node demotion/promotion by @ArtObr in * Corrected level matcher in process_logs by @spivachuk in * Metrics improvements by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1739: Eliminated concurrent catchups by @spivachuk in * INDY-1719: Fix for node demotion by @ArtObr in * INDY-1711: Bugfix in LedgerManager._processCatchupReplies by @Toktar in * [INDY-1649] Checnge tests for checking auth call count by @anikitinDSR in * Reduce frequency of writes into metrics_db by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1739: Unit tests for ability to start catchup by @spivachuk in * [bump indy-crypto] bump version for python3-indy-crypto by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1723: Profiling on node objects by @ArtObr in * Remove memory dump, add new kv storage metrics by @ArtObr in * Validator info dump time revert by @ArtObr in * INDY-1765: Add cleaning requestQueue in Replica in the method _gc() by @Toktar in * INDY-1753: Eliminated request schema re-validation by @spivachuk in * INDY-1682: Remove replicas then instance performance degraded by @Toktar in * Fix intermittent tests by @Toktar in * File storage support for testing purposes by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1775: add CONNECTED_CLIENTS_NUM metric. by @sergey-shilov in * Return last view change strategy for primary performance degradation by @Toktar in * Add logs to accumulating monitor strategy by @skhoroshavin in * Warn if looper iteration is too long by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1795: Resume ordering on backup replica by @spivachuk in * INDY-1682: bugfix in logic for instance performance degraded by @Toktar in * Remove ret val declaration by @dsurnin in * INDY-1683: bugfix backup_instance_faulty_processor with quorum logic by @Toktar in * [INDY-1687] Add strategy for getting node-to-node messages before view_change by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1815: areBackupsDegraded() are not use latency anymore by @Toktar in * Add GC-related metrics by @skhoroshavin in * Change TolerateBackupPrimaryDisconnection to 180 sec by @Toktar in * [INDY-1687] small changes in tests by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1687] Add logs and some comments by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-209: Fix init_indy_node script by @ArtObr in * Add GC-related metrics by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-209: Additional formatting by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1835] Enable PreViewChange strategy by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1780: add draft implementation of dropping of outdated requests. by @sergey-shilov in * [INDY-1849] fix for each message serialization during batch handling by @anikitinDSR in * Fix memory leak by @skhoroshavin in * Add public/private key exception handling by @dsurnin in * INDY-1759: Restoration of lastPrePrepareSeqNo by @spivachuk in * INDY-209: Additional formatting by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1849] Call send method from ZStack class during resending stashed to disconnected by @anikitinDSR in * use latest stable libindy by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1851: Plenum consensus protocol diagram by @spivachuk in * [INDY-1770] Decrease MAX_CONNECTED_CLIENTS_NUM to 400 by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-903: Removal of client codebase by @ArtObr in * INDY-1846: Change pool state root hash for BLS-signature in Commit messages by @Toktar in * Fix and improve documentation by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1872:L fix replica removing tests by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1846: add more logging in bls signature validation by @Toktar in * Fix rare flakiness of test_metrics_config by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1869: Catch-up procedure sequence diagram by @spivachuk in * Improve measure_time metrics tests by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1868, 18709: Adding more diagrams by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1770: decrease clients connections limit. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1870: Update by @ashcherbakov in * Fixing Documentation by @ashcherbakov in * Add bls, ip to default validator info; software info now generates on… by @dsurnin in * INDY-1869: Catch-up procedure sequence diagram by @spivachuk in * INDY-1843: Discard pre-prepare with ordered request by @Toktar in * Add more metrics by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1872: fix bug in create_throughput_measurement by @Toktar in * Old client's lump removal by @ArtObr in * Client removal fixes by @ArtObr in * INDY-1882: Checkpoints feature sequence diagram by @spivachuk in * INDY-1836: add test for request drop on propagate phase. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1881: Catchup clearing by @ArtObr in * INDY-1866: Fix memory leak by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1836: enable clear request queue strategy by default. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1898: add statistics for outdated requests. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1836: fix removing of entries from requests queue. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1836: add unit tests for requests drop. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1896: Allow "read" and "action" requests processing by @Toktar in * Improve reporting of objects tracked by GC by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1896: Add test to read requests in view change and refactoring for client requests discarding by @Toktar in * INDY-1879: faster way for pool transactions ordering by @Toktar in * INDY-1883: add documentation for Message Requests by @Toktar in * INDY-1856: Defining new PoA interfaces by @ArtObr in * INDY-1836: increase ToleratePrimaryDisconnection and bind re-try time. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1856: Fix validator info init by @ArtObr in * INDY-1902: add a doc with known ZMQ features. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1909: add discarding of old instance change messages by @Toktar in * INDY-1836: clear monitor data related to dropped request. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1911: add integration tests by @Toktar in * INDY-1926: add check for None of replica's primary name during logging. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1925: Fixes for documentation by @ArtObr in * INDY-1836: add test of req drop when replica does not order. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1836: add force_free() method for Requests. by @sergey-shilov in * INDY-1924: Catchup and audit design proposal by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1856: Implementation of new req_handlers by @ArtObr in * Fix intermittent tests by increasing timeouts by @skhoroshavin in * [pytest] pin pytest-asyncio version to 0.8.0 by @anikitinDSR in * Enable readthedocs support by @michaeldboyd in * INDY-1924: Add options concerning BLS multisigs by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1922: Fix and tests for crop upgrade log by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1876] Integration ReplicaStasher and ReplicaValidator by @Toktar in * INDY-933: Support regular freshness update of BLS state by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1876: Change order of stashing by @Toktar in * INDY-1858: Fix in node_handler and tests by @ArtObr in * INDY-1949: Add more logging by @Toktar in * INDY-1949: a test reproducing the problem by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-933: Improve docstring, reduce flakiness of some tests by @skhoroshavin in * Additional metrics for stashed requests by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1928] Add freshness info into validator-info output by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1928] add some fix into replayable node by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1955: fixing infinite catch-up by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1949: Modify logging, remove redundant validation by @ArtObr in * [WIP]INDY-1874 General Tracker by @cam-parra in * INDY-1955: don't send CatchupReq to disconnected and unresponsive nodes by @Toktar in * Fix confition for dequeueing of stashed commits by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-1957] Adds Identity Owner to enum of possible roles by @andkononykhin in * INDY-1955: add REPLICA_STASH_LIMIT to config by @Toktar in * Add test_dequeue_and_validate_commits by @Toktar in * INDY-1965: move logs about stash messages to TRACE by @Toktar in * INDY-1965: Delay propagate request. Optimization. by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1874] changes in uncommitted tracker by @anikitinDSR in * Indy 1874 Improved logic for tracker and more tests by @cam-parra in * INDY-1965: Review fixes by @ArtObr in * INDY-1917: Fixes for correct replicas addition by @ArtObr in * INDY-1965: Logging changes by @ArtObr in * INDY-1911: Send INSTANCE_CHANGE when state signatures are not fresh enough by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1966: add on_strategy_complete to VCStartMsgStrategy by @Toktar in * INDY-1933: Fix for backup throughput measuring by @ArtObr in * INDY-1956: Default config changes by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1874] changes to ledger_uncommitted tracker by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1754: add test_random_string for randomString by @Toktar in * INDY-1911: Make acceptable freshness interval configurable by @skhoroshavin in * Fixes fpm installation for build env by @andkononykhin in * Extract ViewChangeDataProvider by @skhoroshavin in * Refactoring test_twice_demoted_node_dont_write_txns by @Toktar in * [INDY-1874] add set_last_committed and delay_without_unstash for tests by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1984: Persiste INSTANCE_CHANGE messages between restarts by @Toktar in * Implement and use new timers in ViewChanger by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1720: Test reproducing problem by @ArtObr in * [INDY-2001] move write_req_validator into node init by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1944: Audit ledger support by @ashcherbakov in * Simulation test for ViewChanger by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2008: Fix a problem with view change and add audit ledger in validator-info by @Toktar in * INDY-1944: Audit ledger txn format fixes by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1945: Implement NodeSeederService by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2003: add parameter can_be_empty in LimitedLengthStringField by @Toktar in * INDY-1945: Integrate SeederServices into LedgerManager by @skhoroshavin in * Set fixed version of jenkins shared library for CD pipeline by @andkononykhin in * INDY-1945: Add to plenum/server/catchup by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-2006] add no_wait option for sdk_add_new_nym by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1961: Audit ledger documentation by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1945: Implement CatchupRepGatherer by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1992] Adds base classes to support versioning routine by @andkononykhin in * INDY-1945: Extract routing from RxChannel by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1995] add metric for collecting count of using auth rules from … by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1945: Integrate CatchupRepGatherer into LedgerManager by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1945: LedgerInfo cleanups by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1944: Сheck audit txn root when validating prepare by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1945: Move logic into ConsProofService by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1945: Integrate ConsProofService into LedgerManager by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1992] versioning and release changes by @andkononykhin in * [INDY-1992] Makes metadata unambiguous for CD pipeline by @andkononykhin in * INDY-1945: Implement LedgerLeecherService by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1945: Integrate LedgerLeecherService into LedgerManager by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-2020] fixes imports of 'packaging' module by @andkononykhin in * INDY-1945: Implement NodeLeecherService by @skhoroshavin in * [WIP][INDY-2010] add command GET_AUTH_RULE by @Toktar in * [INDY-2003] remove isSteward from modern reg_handlers by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2010: fix a reply format for domain transactions by @Toktar in * INDY-1945: Fix catchup logic to use audit ledger by @skhoroshavin in * [WIP] INDY-1945: Cleanups + parallel catchup by @skhoroshavin in * Fix filling InstanceChanges from database in InstanceChangeProvider by @Toktar in * INDY-1961: Update docs regarding cacthup process by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1945: Minor catchup improvements by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1993: Hotfix for crash in generating consistency proof by @skhoroshavin in * Catchup log messages improvements by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1993: Move catchup start notification before consistency proof gathering by @skhoroshavin in * [ST-513] add txn_root into LedgerUncommittedTracker by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2018: Fix node verkey validation by @ArtObr in * INDY-1993: improve logging; correctly set last committed after catchup of audit by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2022: Fix last_ordered_3pc catching up by @ArtObr in * INDY-1993: Catchup tests by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2022: Review fixes by @ArtObr in * [Malicious_primary] fix count of request for reverting by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-1992] new release logic activation by @andkononykhin in * INDY-1946: Restore current 3PC state from audit ledger [skip ci] by @ArtObr in * INDY-1946: Fix for replicas inconsistency by @ArtObr in * INDY-2032: extend logging by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2025: Fix some catchup problems by @skhoroshavin in * ST-541 Add flag to disable seqNoDB update during catchup by @KitHat in * INDY-2032: Fix phantom transactions in audit ledger by @ashcherbakov in * ST-528: add the POST_NODE_STOPPED hook by @Toktar in * bump libindy by @Toktar in * bump libindy by @ashcherbakov in * [ST-520] add unregister_req_handler method with unit tests by @anikitinDSR in * ST-541 Fix creation of audit ledger transactions by @KitHat in * INDY-1757: Double digest validation implemented by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1983] Tracking PP first validation time to check their obsolescences by @andkononykhin in * INDY-2047: Make initial catchup without audit ledger more robust by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-1983] fixes wrong comment by @andkononykhin in * INDY-1674: Plugin's field included in digest by @ArtObr in * INDY-2025: Improve tests by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1863: Allow limiting maximum number of 3PC batches in flight by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2043: Add validation of 'signature' and 'signatures' in authenticate() method by @Toktar in * INDY-2050: remove LogicError from __is_next_pre_prepare by @Toktar in * INDY-2046: View change only on master malicious by @ArtObr in * INDY-2055: Make changes in txn metadata format backward compatible by @skhoroshavin in * Fix addition of new ledger by @KitHat in * INDY-2043: change LimitedLengthStringField format by @Toktar in * INDY-2051: Payload digest fix by @ArtObr in * New tests and docs update by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2050: test for view change with missing PrePrepares by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2056: Handle gracefully some corner cases by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2060: Fix a problem with watermarks after ViewChange by @Toktar in * Adjusts CD pipeline for jenkins lib v2.0.4 by @andkononykhin in * Bumps jenkins lib version to 2.0.5 by @andkononykhin in * Fix crash when catching up genesis txns by @skhoroshavin in * Do not check freshness in a catchup. by @Toktar in * ST-549 Fix Request for requests without identifier by @KitHat in * INDY-2053: Implement new CATCHUP_REQ distribution logic by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1863: Set default Max3PCBatchesInFlight to 4 by @skhoroshavin in * Bumps version to 1.8.0.dev0 by @andkononykhin in * ST-549 Fix signature creation for requests without identifier by @KitHat in * INDY-2053: Improve catchup logging by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-2072] Requests with taa by @andkononykhin in * INDY-2053: Fix one more edge case in catch up by @skhoroshavin in * Use master build of libindy by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2066: Implement TXN_AUTHOR_AGREEMENT transaction by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2066: Refactor and add tests by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2066: Fix tests to use libindy by @ArtObr in * INDY-2066: Make ts store support different ledgers by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2066: Improve tests by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-2066] Adds more taa data to state by @andkononykhin in * INDY-2067: Implement GET_TXN_AUTHOR_AGREEMENT by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2068: TAA AML txn implementation, tests by @ArtObr in * ST-557 Add taaAcceptance field to Request builder by @KitHat in * INDY-2067: Implement getting TAA by timestamp, improve tests by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-2073] Dynamic validation for client requests taa acceptance data by @andkononykhin in * INDY-2067: Validate parameters combinations in GET_TAA by @skhoroshavin in * Support empty TAA by @skhoroshavin in * TAA AML tests improvements by @ArtObr in * Reduce amount of logged information by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-2073] TAA Acceptance validation: stricter logic and sdk integration in tests by @andkononykhin in * INDY-2071: GET_TAA_AML txn implementation by @ArtObr in * [INDY-2073] Minor fixes by @andkononykhin in * INDY-2074: Transaction Author Agreement Docs by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-2105] Updates for docker used in debs build routine by @andkononykhin in * [INDY-2109] Bumps jenkins library version to 2.1.1 by @andkononykhin in * Upgrade plenum version to 1.9 by @Toktar in * INDY-2122: Don't send NACK for requests discarded during view change by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2087: Bump libindy version to 1.9.0-dev-1122 by @Toktar in * INDY-2129: Fix the problem with demoting a backup primary node by @Toktar in * INDY-2097: update pluggable request handlers by @Toktar in * [INDY-1860] node's bootstrap with pluggable request handlers by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2087: bump libindy version by @Toktar in * ST-510 Add request param for write request handler by @KitHat in * INDY-2097: Update pluggable request handlers by @Toktar in * INDY-2098: Improve tests for TAA state proofs by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2083: Try asking for cons proofs without timeout by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2108: More tests for pluggable request handlers by @ArtObr in * [INDY-1860] move init to separate helper class by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2108: Write request manager tests by @ArtObr in * INDY-2108: Add unit tests for pluggable request handlers by @Toktar in * Improves pipelines by @andkononykhin in * [WIP][INDY-1861] Pluggable request handlers integration by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1338: View change design updates and Plenum 2.0 Architcture diagrams by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1338: Design interfaces for ViewChangeService + PoC simulation tests by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2144: Fix validation for forced requests by @ArtObr in * ST-523: Fix for plugins integration by @ArtObr in * INDY-2153 Fix external audit requests by @KitHat in * Test for audit txn sending by @ArtObr in * ST-601 Remove 32-bytes length check from removal to be compliant with… by @KitHat in * INDY-2135: Simulation tests for PBFT View Change protocol by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-2163] move to new docker images with changed gpg keys by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2154] remove old req handlers by @anikitinDSR in * [BUMP] bump jenkins shared to 2.2.1 by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2157: TAA acceptance use date by @Toktar in * INDY-2157: change the reject message for a too precise TAA time in requests by @Toktar in * INDY-2147: Stashing router + example usage by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2147: Improve StashingRouter by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2147: Implement PBFT view change by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2139: Extract and integrate ConsensusDataProvider by @ArtObr in * INDY-2147: Fixes in PBFT View Change Math by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2164: add re-sending failed msgs for clients by @Toktar in * INDY-2112: make reask_ledger_status() and _reask_last_cons_proof() repeatable by @Toktar in * [INDY-2136] First stage for OredringService by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2143: Fix for additional instance_change by @ArtObr in * Bump libindy 1167 by @ArtObr in * Fix for provider by @ArtObr in * INDY-2157: bump sdk version, add a TAA integration test by @Toktar in * INDY-2157: bump libindy version by @Toktar in * INDY-2147: Added more unit tests for View Change Service by @ashcherbakov in * Bump indy-plenum version to 1.9.1 by @Toktar in * INDY-2171: Signature verification changes by @ArtObr in * [INDY-2136] PR's review by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2173: Support Transaction Endorser field in Request by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2173: support Endorser field in Request by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2162: bump libindy by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2137: Extract CheckpointService from Replica by @Toktar in * ST-601 -- add randomized test for removal of keys from the state by @KitHat in * INDY-2179: Integrate CheckpointService to Replica by @Toktar in * Bump plenum version to 1.9.2 by @Toktar in * INDY-1335: use BatchID instead of PrePrepares in consensus shared data by @ashcherbakov in * Change a log level for messages from the ClientMessageProvider by @Toktar in * INDY-2167: Integrated PrimarySelector into View Change Service by @ashcherbakov in * Fixes for Python 3.6 support by @andrewwhitehead in * INDY-2200: Use production req handlers in simulation tests by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2169: Integrate OrderingService into Replica by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2169: Allow to unsubscribe from event buses by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-2169] additions for indy-node and plugins by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2177: Use audit txn root hash as checkpoint digest by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1335: View Change fixes and improvements by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2208: Integration of Services: Cleanup by @Toktar in * Increase ZMQ bind retry timeout by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-1954 -- Implement GET_TXN audit proof read by @KitHat in * INDY-2215: add re-ask LedgerStatuses for the init catchup by @Toktar in * INDY-1954 Add multisig check by @KitHat in * [INDY-2218] Add check for identifier decoding by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2208: add an internal_bus to each replica by @Toktar in * INDY-2177: Rework CheckpointerService internals by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2208: remove ConsensusDataHelper, hooks by @Toktar in * [1.10.0] bump package version to 1.10.0 by @anikitinDSR in * Add CODEOWNERS by @ryjones in * Modify Codeowners list by @ashcherbakov in * Change the formatting of exceptions for the client by @donqui in * [INDY-2103] Minor changes to how exception formating is done by @donqui in * INDY-2183: Increase frequency of re-connection checks by @ashcherbakov in * SN-7: move init states from ledger after Node initialization by @Toktar in * SN-7: fix KeyValueStorageInMemory by @Toktar in * [INDY-1336] Stop dropping ppSeqNo to 0 after view_change by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2177] Merge "stop dropping pp_seq_no" changes by @anikitinDSR in * [WIP] INDY-1340: Checkpointer cleanups by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-1340: pp_view_no (original view no) support by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-2177] ToDo in tests by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1340: request missing old view PrePrepares when applying NewView by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2220: add and integrate MessageReq3pcService by @Toktar in * ST-623 -- Init Commit multi-sig process by @KitHat in * [INDY_2149] Add test with real ordering by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-1340: go to next view on timeuout for PBFT View Change Service by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-1336] Reset pp_seq_no for backup after view_change by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2223] Fix reordering after view_change by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2178: Request missing ViewChange messages by @Toktar in * INDY-2222 -- improve logging by @KitHat in * INDY-2223: Improve simulation tests by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2172: Changed the log level for removed RIDs by @donqui in * INDY-2223: ViewChange message serialization by @Toktar in * INDY-2222 -- Add some more logs by @KitHat in * [INDY-2223] First step in view_change integration by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2178 Integrate ViewChange messages requesting to ViewChangeService by @Toktar in * INDY-2223: Fix test_view_change_with_next_primary_stopped by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-2213]: Bump pyzmq version by @donqui in * [INDY-2223] Issues with reordering after vc and tests by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2223: add more sim tests by @Toktar in * [INDY-2213]: Fix FPM dependencies by @donqui in * INDY-2223: Switch to PBFT view change by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2223: fix message stashing in view change by @Toktar in * INDY-2233 -- Fix audit proof for GET_TXN by @KitHat in * INDY-2223: reset monitor after reOrdering by @Toktar in * INDY-2140: Cleanup old view change logic by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2140: Cleanup old view change logic by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2140: add prepared and preprepared lists cleaning by @Toktar in * INDY-2231: fixing checkpoint stabilization after view change on nodes lagging behind by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-2140] Fix tests in view_change directory by @anikitinDSR in * [FUTURE RELEASE] bump devs version by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2222 -- reconnection fix by @KitHat in * INDY-2140: update node_state after view change by @Toktar in * [INDY-2230] do not send NewView msg if primary is behind by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2140: Sync finishing view change on backups and master + more cleanups by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2140: remove state logic from FuturePrimariesBatchHandler by @Toktar in * INDY-2248: add a message validation for instance id by @Toktar in * [INDY-2140] Stabilize checkpoints on backups after view change by @anikitinDSR in * Change logging for select primary by @Toktar in * Add default SECURITY policy by @ryjones in * [INDY-2213]: Update pyzmq for Jenkins CD by @donqui in * INDY-2140: Get rid of legacy view change completion check by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2224: Request `NewView` from a Primary. by @Toktar in * INDY-2253: do not stash ping/pong for reconnection nodes when sending… by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2244: optimize finalized requests logic by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2244: New flags to disable batching and message requests by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2247: propose view change if a new primary is same with a previous one by @Toktar in * INDY-2023: remove an outdated test by @Toktar in * [INDY-2235]: Save (pre)prepares in audit ledger by @donqui in * Indy 2261: do not send ping/pong msgs in Batches by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2274: add ROUTER_HANDOVER option by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-2235]: Improving tests by @donqui in * INDY-2268: increment Max3PCBatchWait by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2261: Add options to not use custom reconnect logic by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-2244] Cleanup and fix primaries adding by @anikitinDSR in * [Future release] bump package version by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2267] remove primaryChange and simplify catchup_complete logic by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2262: Implementing NodeRegHandler by @ashcherbakov in * LGTM Recommendation fixes by @donqui in * INDY-2262: fix revert and cleanup of node_reg_at_beginning_of_view by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2262: send InstanceChange for every node count changing by @Toktar in * INDY-2262: use NodeRegHandler for Primary Selection by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-2236] Forcing VC by qourum of ViewChange msgs by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2292] change State restoring logiс by @Toktar in * INDY-2292: fix restore_state() in WriteRequestManager by @Toktar in * INDY-2263: Make ViewChangeService unsubscribe from messages on cleanup by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2262: fix restoring node reg for Ordered if it's not in audit ledger yet by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2292: add more tests for a state restoring by @Toktar in * INDY-2298: do not restore primaries from the audit ledger by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2262: fix filling node reg in audit ledger by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2262: fix node reg in audit ledger by @ashcherbakov in * Fix passing connections to services by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2285: change digest format for PrePrepare by @Toktar in * INDY-2292: restore state with versioning by @Toktar in * [FUTURE_RELEASE] bump dev version by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2286] Add NODE txn handling into simulation tests by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2289]: ZMQ auto reonnect fixes by @donqui in * INDY-2280: Do not sign and verify BLS signature twice by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2280: do not deserialize BLS public key on every signature verification by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2263: Implement ViewChangeTriggerService and PrimaryConnectionMonitorService by @skhoroshavin in * [WIP][INDY-2289]: Handling messages delivered pre-catchup by @donqui in * [INDY-2294] Turn off transport batches by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2289]: Additional tests by @donqui in * [INDY_2306]: Remove size limit for outbound msgs by @donqui in * [INDY-2024] remove steward-only check for NODE txns by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2297, INDY-2302: Allow multiple active TAAs, change GET_TAA's reply format by @Toktar in * INDY-2302/2313: Update Transaction Author Agreement documentation by @skhoroshavin in * [CI] increase timeout for CI by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2313: Update TAA-related namings by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2138: add a documentation for a new PBFT View Change by @Toktar in * INDY-2316 Allow multiple active TAAs: Debug by @Toktar in * [INDY-2299] Stop ordering on backup while master is in reordering stage. by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2316: bugfix in update_state for txn_author_agreement_handler by @Toktar in * INDY-2316: fix for getting txn version for a state recovering by @Toktar in * INDY-2313: Require ratification_ts to create TAA by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2316: disable only active TAAs by @Toktar in * INDY-2316: fix TxnAuthorAgreementDisableHandler by @Toktar in * INDY-2313: Minor updates to TAA and view change docs by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2316: Improve integration tests, fix unretirement edge case by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2316: bump libindy version, use taa request builder from libindy by @Toktar in * Add test_view_change_permutations by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2318: remove code for re-sending to disconnected by @ashcherbakov in * [FUTURE_RELEASE] bump dev version by @Toktar in * INDY-2319: use committed node reg when selecting Primaries for the next view by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-2314] make LimitedLengthStringField length 256 by default by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2324] Get requestQueues back after reverting by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2324: Move remaining parts of legacy ViewChanger into new services by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2324: Remove legacy view changer by @skhoroshavin in * [INDY-2308] Allow NEW_VIEW processing from other nodes and finish view_change by quorum of them by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2322: Fix Primary Selection and N calculation logic by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-2324] Get back requests from PrePrepare by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2308] Added additional test and fix for another edge-case by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2324: Improvements in SimNetwork by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2326: consider node_reg at the end of last view as the one at the beginning of current view by @ashcherbakov in * INDY-2326: Use uncommitted node reg at the beginning of view to select primaries in audit ledger by @ashcherbakov in * [INDY-2324] Add random initial view no for sim pool by @anikitinDSR in * [FUTURE_RELEASE] bump package version by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2326] Add test for restarting only after promotion by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2326] add another demotion/promotion tests and fix by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2330] Tool for checking zmq connection by @anikitinDSR in * [INDY-2330] Move to pypi by @anikitinDSR in * INDY-2338: support generic way for request payload version by @ashcherbakov in * [ERROR_HANDLING] add module with examples for Exception handling by @anikitinDSR in * [ERROR HANDLING] Document error handling strategies by @skhoroshavin in * Support error codes for TAA errors by @ashcherbakov in * fix InvalidClientMessageException str representation by @ashcherbakov in * Change a string format for InvalidClientMessageException by @Toktar in * [FIX] fix client-related behaviour by @anikitinDSR in * Some changes needed for Ubuntu 20.04 support by @skhoroshavin in * INDY-2311: Ursa support in plenum by @skhoroshavin in * Add validations for TAA_ACCEPTANCE_TIME and timestamps in the TAA txn by @Toktar in * Update link in by @MrMaavin in * FIX #1495 Missing ursa in build script for generating .deb by @georgepadayatti in * Fix CVE-2019-18874 by @dhh1128 in * Fixing CD by @askolesov in * Fixed by @askolesov in * Fix link to page by @Patrik-Stas in * Fixing CD pipeline by @askolesov in * WIP: Ubuntu 20.04 VM setup by @ryMarsh44 in * [UP-34]: add LEDGERS_FREEZE and GET_FROZEN_LEDGERS transactions by @Toktar in * Bump libindy ver 1.15.0~1618 by @adenishchenko in * GitHub actions CI workflow by @WadeBarnes in * Update CODEOWNERS by @askolesov in * Publish tests report steps are now allowed to fail by @askolesov in * Add settings file. by @ryjones in * Github actions CD steps for plenum by @ianco in * Add doc for freeze ledger by @adenishchenko in * Split CD release into two parts, added caching, and extended Docker file by @udosson in * Skip problem seeds for view change simulation tests. by @Toktar in * check if record.message exists with hasattr or use record.msg by @devinleighsmith in * UP-34: bump libindy, use ledgers_freeze from libindy for tests by @Toktar in * Merge Stable to Master by @Toktar in * Upgrade Ubuntu 20.04 by @adenishchenko in * Update runner to be compatible with python 3.8, pytest 6.2.2 by @devinleighsmith in * Remove some pinned dependencies by @adenishchenko in * Ubuntu 20.04 pull master by @adenishchenko in * Ubuntu 20.04: fix Libindy version by @adenishchenko in * Ubuntu 20.04: remove pip imports in favor if importlib_metadata by @udosson in * Ubuntu 20.04: Publishing artifacts (debian packages) by @udosson in * set publishPackages as executable by @udosson in * Support publishing off a development branch by @WadeBarnes in * Ubuntu 20.04: Publishing of Python packages to PyPI by @udosson in * Bug fix: Cache of 3rd party dependencies & uploading of existing packages to PyPI by @udosson in * Remove unused dockerfiles by @WadeBarnes in * Ubtuntu 20.04: fix uploading of deb files with the same name but different distribution by @udosson in * updated version of setup-jfrog-cli to v2 by @udosson in * added versions of 3rd party packages to Debian artifacts by @udosson in * pinned version of importlib-metadata because of issue with fpm by @udosson in * Devcontainers by @pSchlarb in * fixed typo in gitpodlink by @pSchlarb in * Build-indy-plenum-docker and 3rd parties switched to the GHA Dockerfile by @pSchlarb in * Removal of Jenkins files Fixes #1553 by @pSchlarb in * removed pip legacy resolver in gitpod.yml due to being deprecated by @pSchlarb in * GHA Refactoring by @pSchlarb in * Enforce LF for VScode by @pSchlarb in * Upgrade zmq by @WadeBarnes in * New Release Workflow by @pSchlarb in * Fixes #1592 & removal of old build scripts by @pSchlarb in * Pinned indy-shared-gha reference by @pSchlarb in * Addition of StatusCheck for branch protection by @pSchlarb in * Added CICD Documentation reference by @pSchlarb in * Adjust workflow triggers. by @WadeBarnes in * [v1.13.1rc0] - Update Version Number for Release by @sovbot in * fixed GHA variable format errors by @pSchlarb in * [v1.13.1-rc1] - Update Version Number for Release by @sovbot in * Fix missing component in publish release workflow. by @WadeBarnes in * [v1.13.1-rc2] - Update Version Number for Release by @sovbot in ## New Contributors * @vimmerru made their first contribution in * @jerrysen made their first contribution in * @ckochenower made their first contribution in * @michaeldboyd made their first contribution in * @cam-parra made their first contribution in * @KitHat made their first contribution in * @ryjones made their first contribution in * @donqui made their first contribution in * @MrMaavin made their first contribution in * @georgepadayatti made their first contribution in * @askolesov made their first contribution in * @Patrik-Stas made their first contribution in * @ianco made their first contribution in * @devinleighsmith made their first contribution in * @pSchlarb made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**:
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