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v1.1.1 ## What's Changed * Intro docs by @peterbroadhurst in * Update Ruby deps by @peterbroadhurst in * Updates to Home and Understanding FireFly sections by @aznrayizzle in * Dup tokens http 409 by @matthew1001 in * Fix casing on docs tutorial pages by @nguyer in * Delete duplicate blockchainevents when migrating by @awrichar in * [identity-tutorial] identity tutorial by @eberger727 in * bump ui version to v1.1.1 by @shorsher in * Use docker buildx for multiarch builds by @nguyer in * Load output of docker buildx by @nguyer in * use `cm.namespace` when generating contract URL's by @shorsher in * make contract listener `location` optional by @shorsher in * [identity-docs-formatting] removing newline by @eberger727 in * V1.1.x/mainline fix: Allow update of node using parent org identity by @peterbroadhurst in * Fix acknowledgement for webhooks in non-reply, non-fastack cases by @peterbroadhurst in * release notes by @aznrayizzle in * Update dependencies for v1.1.1 by @nguyer in * Fix Docker Release GitHub Action by @nguyer in * Fix Docker Release GitHub Action by @nguyer in * Use new steps in Docker GitHub Actions by @nguyer in * Fix docker image labels by @nguyer in ## New Contributors * @aznrayizzle made their first contribution in * @matthew1001 made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**:
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