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v1.0.1 ## Summary Fixes for token approvals - previously approvals would intermittently be missed by FireFly or recorded with incorrect details. ## Breaking Changes and Migrations New versions of the ERC20/ERC721 connector will assume "no data" support if you create a token pool against an older version of the sample smart contracts - see ## Updated Dependencies * firefly-tokens-erc1155 [v1.0.2]( * firefly-tokens-erc20-erc721 [v1.0.1]( * firefly-ui [v1.0.1]( * firefly-cli [v1.0.1]( ## What's Changed * Backport fixes for 1.0.1 by @awrichar in **Full Changelog**:
View on GitHub Created At 2022-05-09 20:45:05 +0000 UTC