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v0.9.0 ## What's Changed * Added architecture diagrams for objects and flows by @jimthematrix in * Updated README with links to the new diagrams by @jimthematrix in * Updated README links to new diagrams by @jimthematrix in * Add CODEOWNERS by @nguyer in * Updated README license chapter by @janrockdev in * Foundation implementation and framework (missing submanager, idmanager and tests) by @jimthematrix in * Added Makefile, linter and fixed linting errors by @jimthematrix in * Config handling, Tests and Mocks by @jimthematrix in * Tx submit and event receipt tracking by @jimthematrix in * Identity support by @jimthematrix in * Add Dockerfile by @nguyer in * Event stream support by @jimthematrix in * Fixed error handling in sync transaction requests by @jimthematrix in * Add files for consistent repo structure by @nguyer in * Kafka integration test - module by @janrockdev in * Event data and filtering enhancements by @jimthematrix in * Enrich GET identity endpoint responses with certs and mspID by @jimthematrix in * Unit tests for eventstream by @jimthematrix in * Gateway client by @jimthematrix in * Remove references to labs by @nguyer in * Added data type support to tx input and event subscription by @jimthematrix in * Added workflow to build and publish docker image by @jimthematrix in * Added lock around accessing websocket server's topics by @jimthematrix in * Added better synchronization to broadcast when websocket server's topic changes by @jimthematrix in * Create tagged image when publishing a release by @nguyer in ## New Contributors * @jimthematrix made their first contribution in * @nguyer made their first contribution in * @janrockdev made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**:
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