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v0.3.0 ## What's Changed * Refactor storage into a separate crate by @andrewwhitehead in * Update dependencies by @andrewwhitehead in * Updates to the README and other Admin files in the repository by @swcurran in * Correct Daniel Hardman's github id by @ryjones in * Fix build error and warnings by @andrewwhitehead in * build(deps): bump semver from 5.7.1 to 5.7.2 in /wrappers/javascript by @dependabot in * Update dependencies and add P-384 key support by @andrewwhitehead in * build(deps): bump word-wrap from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 in /wrappers/javascript by @dependabot in * fix(js): storeRekey in React Native by @genaris in * (python) Add autocommit flag to transaction by @andrewwhitehead in * chore: update version for js wrapper by @TimoGlastra in * Support copying individual profiles or a whole Store by @andrewwhitehead in * fix(js): add p384 key algo by @genaris in * fix(js)!: use patched ref-napi/ffi-napi for nodejs by @genaris in * Retry database file removal on windows by @andrewwhitehead in * feat(js): use buffer instead of text-decoder by @berendsliedrecht in * Add profile management and store export to JS wrapper by @andrewwhitehead in * Adjust permissions to support uniffi module outside the repo by @conanoc in * Update dependencies by @berendsliedrecht in * Add method to ping store sessions; verify profile existence when opening a session by @andrewwhitehead in * Postgres provisioning fixes by @andrewwhitehead in * Combine checks for matrix build steps by @andrewwhitehead in * Actively return pool connections by @andrewwhitehead in * chore: update version to 0.3.0 dev by @TimoGlastra in * build(js): remove lerna useWorkspaces by @berendsliedrecht in * Adjust lower maximum number of connections for sqlite by @andrewwhitehead in * Update to dalek 2.x crates by @andrewwhitehead in * build(deps): bump @babel/traverse from 7.22.17 to 7.23.2 in /wrappers/javascript by @dependabot in * Add workaround for building ring on aarch64 by @andrewwhitehead in * release dev under alpha and fix windows install by @berendsliedrecht in * fix(js): use quotes instead of brackets for local dependencies by @berendsliedrecht in * fix(js): missing binding methods in react native by @genaris in * Update dependencies and crate versions by @andrewwhitehead in * build(deps): bump axios from 1.5.0 to 1.6.1 in /wrappers/javascript by @dependabot in * Update python wrapper version to 0.3.0 by @andrewwhitehead in ## New Contributors * @ryjones made their first contribution in * @conanoc made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**:
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