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Issue 1653 fix(docs/examples): cockpitEnabled default value confusion
bugdocumentationgood-first-issuehelp wantedAPI_ServerNice-to-HavedependenciesDeveloper_ExperienceHacktoberfestgood-first-issue-400-expertTestsP4 There's a problem with the supply chain example app where some changes to the API server broke it, but the breakage could not be consistently reproduced nor could we figure out what was the root cause. There is a suspicion that it is due to the out of bounds yarn install process that is executed from the `./examples/supply-chain-app/` directory (a `yarn install`) but there's no proof for this just yet. If the latter turns out to be the root cause then to fix this bug the fix would be likely to abandon the directory structure where we have a separate `./examples/supply-chain-app/` that installs the `...-backend` package and instead the documentation should instruct the readers to run the supply chain backend package's entrypoint directly after a monorepo install so that the dependencies are in-bound instead of out-of-bound (e.g. the local changes are applied instead of the npm published packages being pulled down). See the bottom comments on this PR: Specifically: and
Created At 2021-12-13 23:15:02 +0000 UTC